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Parasoft Selenic

Make Selenium better with Parasoft Selenic

Parasoft Selenic helps companies accelerate automation testing and improve the stability of Selenium tests, providing self-healing at runtime and AI-powered recommendations post-execution. It also helps you get a jumpstart on maintainable UI automation testing with smart test creation.
Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse IDEs facilitate Selenium test creation and maintenance, while integration with Applitools enables seamless integration of visual validation. Check out the ​latest features​ available in Parasoft Selenic.

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Accelerate Software Delivery while Ensuring a Reliable Customer Experience

Enhanced Selenium Testing

It is imperative for Agile teams to provide an excellent user experience for application interfaces. UI automation testing is critical to validate the customer experience, and Selenium has been adopted as the testing framework of choice in the software testing industry. But a Selenium test case still suffers from common UI automated testing challenges of maintainability, stability, and long execution times. This is due to their complex and brittle nature and inability to automatically adapt to changes in the web applications or browsers.

Leveraging AI to solve these challenges, Parasoft Selenic is a unique solution that works with regular Selenium tests, rather than locking users into a proprietary "Selenium-powered" platform, like all other available solutions. Parasoft Selenic helps companies accelerate automated testing and improve the stability of Selenium tests without having to change their existing Selenium practice. Parasoft Selenic provides self-healing at runtime and offers recommendations post-execution to help teams simultaneously move forward with release and deliver on the promise of the Agile and DevOps testing framework.

Key Capabilities for Enhanced Selenium Testing

Reduce wasted cycles from failed builds due to unstable tests.

With a one-line change to your existing execution script, Parasoft Selenic monitors the execution of your Selenium tests as part of the CI/CD pipeline and, if a test fails, applies its AI heuristics to determine if the failure is due to a real regression in the application, or if it’s just a broken test. If the test is broken, Selenic heals the test at runtime, so the test execution can continue to validate the application, without unnecessarily breaking the build. Test data is collected so you can see performance alerts in the Selenic reports that indicate any test times exceeding typical execution cycles.

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Reduce time spent maintaining, repairing and fixing broken tests.

Parasoft Selenic’s AI heuristics diagnose test failures and provide recommendations on how to fix the tests. Whether you run as part of the CI/CD pipeline, directly from within your IDE, or from your BDD Feature files, Selenic’s got you covered. In addition to HTML reporting, recommendations can be imported into the IDE, where you can update the test with a single click to ensure it doesn’t fail again in the future. Integration with Applitools provides access to visual validation with screenshot links in the Selenic reports.

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Record UI interactions with the web application to give the team a jump start on creating maintainable tests.

Record and playback is a great way to get started on your test automation efforts, and the Parasoft Recorder enables users to capture UI actions within the Chrome browser and then use the recording to create full Java-based Selenium tests or code snippets for your BDD test code, leveraging the Page Object Model with the Parasoft Selenic IDE plug-in for Eclipse and IntelliJ.

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Optimize test execution for quicker feedback from your CI/CD pipeline.

Instead of having to execute thousands of tests before you know the quality of a build, Selenic optimizes your Selenium test suite to execute only the tests required to validate the code changes between builds. Within its Smart Test Execution capabilities, Parasoft Selenic uses Test Impact Analysis to reduce the time it takes to execute your tests, so you can get quicker feedback from the CI/CD pipeline.

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Gain insights with test results, performance, and traceability.

With Parasoft Selenic, you can continue to execute when using Selenium tests the same way, while integrated smart analytics aggregate the test results, associate your Selenium test with requirements for traceability, and provide performance benchmarking capabilities to generate early warnings for performance issues in your web applications.

The ROI of Parasoft Selenic

You don't have to get rid of Selenium to get rid of your Selenium problems.

Integrates Into Your Existing DevOps Toolchain

Runtime and Memory Error Detection and Visualization

Improve Customer Retention With Better UX Selenium Testing

An impressive backend architecture means nothing if your web applications are harder to use than your competitor's web applications. Learn how to improve user experience and beat the competition.