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Guidewire Testing

Accelerate Delivery With Guidewire Automated Testing

Testing Guidewire applications can be complicated due to their complex configurations.
Parasoft provides the Guidewire testing solution you need to deliver innovations through custom development.

Easily Validate Your Guidewire Applications

Insurance companies must innovate to retain their competitive advantage with current and potential clients. The insurance industry is undergoing a digital transformation to migrate critical functions from legacy backend systems that are costly to run and hard to access. The movement to the cloud with low-code platforms such as Guidewire and Salesforce is already in progress, but innovation is still blocked by unreliable application test environments, incomplete test data, and extended testing cycles.

When the cost for your customers to switch to a competitor is low, your revenue is at risk. Staying on the leading edge with a compelling user experience requires a strategic approach to test automation to ensure cost-effective implementation and execution. If you are evolving your test automation to address these issues, Parasoft provides the Guidewire testing solutions you need to deliver innovations through custom development.


Record UI actions in your Guidewire application.

Identify Test Automation Challenges

Many organizations leverage Guidewire’s Insurance Suite (PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, ClaimCenter) as a foundation for their consumer applications. This helps to accelerate initial code development, but it doesn’t address the need to reduce the amount of time it takes to load up test environments with data so more testing can be performed with environments in a known state.

If you’re struggling to improve the efficiency of your test automation practice, preparing to migrate to Guidewire cloud, or just getting started with expanding your testing strategy, Parasoft can help you simplify your test automation process to reduce costs and accelerate delivery.

High quality code and lines of code on a distorted computer screen.

“We reduced the time to create reliable, stable and maintainable automated tests for Guidewire PolicyCenter from 2 days to 2 hours. Now we can now run more thorough tests in a fraction of the time it previously took in our Guidewire environment — in one case from over 20 minutes to less than 50 seconds.”

- IT Director at a Leading Insurance Company

Manage Your Guidewire Test Environment

When performing Guidewire automated testing, you may be loading data to assess the performance and functionality of specific policies with unique characteristics. This is time-consuming and causes delays to your testing schedule and ability to react to internal requests. You need the ability to quickly generate and load test data into your Guidewire applications for more efficient testing.

When you have the right test data, you can improve your testing processes. Perform more effective testing and validation through the API layer with the responses coming back from Guidewire without relying on the browser’s user interface.

Your Guidewire application isn’t implemented in isolation. You need to get data from other enterprise systems such as Salesforce and leverage data from Guidewire in those applications. This introduces complexities and constraints within your test environments. Service virtualization, or API sandboxes, can eliminate these constraints, decoupling your tests from the backend systems and providing the team with ultimate control of their test environment.

Accelerate Delivery With Guidewire Automated Testing

Expand your testing capabilities to include comprehensive test data management, control over your test environment, and expanded test coverage. Create and execute optimized and maintainable automated tests of your Guidewire applications.

Parasoft reduces the costs and streamlines the delivery of applications built with the Guidewire Insurance Suite, so you can deliver engaging and high-quality solutions to your clients. Reach your test automation goals with the Parasoft Continuous Quality Suite.

UI Testing

Simplify the creation, management, and maintenance of automated UI testing with Selenium. Create Selenium tests for Guidewire UI testing in minutes based on your implementation.

API Testing

Achieve faster, more stable, in-depth test execution than UI testing alone. Parasoft’s AI-powered Smart API test generator streamlines the creation of API tests for Guidewire that run significantly faster than UI tests.

Test Data Management

Increase test coverage and improve environment efficiently with automated loading of test data. Leverage Parasoft to efficiently pull data in from external data sources (e.g. Excel) and push directly into the test environment via Guidewire APIs.

Environment Management

Control your complete test environment to unblock manual and automated testing by simulating constrained dependencies. Orchestrate your test environment & execution in one place and integrate into your CI/CD pipeline.

Reporting and Traceability

Review actionable insights to gain confidence in your software releases. Monitor testing progress and optionally correlate code and tests to user stories in Jira to get complete visibility of your test coverage.