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AI & ML Enhanced Automated Software Testing

Artificial intelligence in automated testing solutions eases the software development life cycle. AI applies reasoning and problem solving to assist with automation and reduce tedious and mundane tasks.

Work Faster & Smarter With AI & ML

Prevent, detect, and remediate defects early in the SDLC with Parasoft’s AI-powered, ML-driven
software testing solutions that integrate quality into the software development process.

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Improve Static Analysis Adoption

Optimize the development, testing, and execution of static analysis tests with AI-enhanced technology for the following coding languages: C, C++, C#, VB.NET, and Java.

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Increase Unit Testing Coverage

Generate Java tests in bulk mode or individually crafted to reach high coverage of existing code with AI-enabled unit test creation.

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Improve API Testing

Convert UI tests into complete, automated API test scenarios with assistance from the Smart API Test Generator.

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Automate UI Testing Efficiently

Leverage ML to self-heal Selenium tests during execution and receive guidance in the IDE environment to fix them automatically.

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The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Automation Testing Platforms

“Parasoft doubles down on infusing AI capabilities into its platform. It has undisputed strengths in API testing made easy with AI and integrated with its service virtualization offering. Shift-left performance testing for converged functional and performance testing and its long-time mature analytical reporting are also strong features….

“Parasoft can rave about its ‘built here, not acquired’ product and innovation approach, which strengthens a consistent experience across all testing types.”

Diego Lo Giudice, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst

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Static Analysis Enhanced With AI & ML

Parasoft solutions apply AI and ML to the static analysis workflow to prioritize rule violation findings.
Development teams immediately reduce the manual effort to adopt and use static analysis, improving productivity.

How It Works

A common roadblock to adopting static analysis tools successfully is managing a large number of warnings and handling perceived false positives. Whatever the compliance requirements—MISRA, CWE, OWASP, and more—our automated static analysis tools enhanced with AI and ML flag and prioritize the rule violations that the team needs to fix first.

A hotspot detection engine works with an advanced AI-based model to assign violations to developers matching their best skills and experience—learning from violations they fixed in the past.

Screenshot of violations report

Automated Unit Testing Enhanced With AI

Applying AI to Parasoft’s software testing solution for Java developers, teams achieve higher code coverage and
significantly cut the time and effort required to build a comprehensive and meaningful suite of Junit test cases.

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How It Works

Java development teams can use Parasoft’s Jtest enhanced with AI to create higher quality unit tests and increase code coverage with the following capabilities.

  • Selectively targets changed code and identifies the right subset of tests to validate those changes using test impact analysis augmented with AI.
  • One-click actions to create, scale, and maintain unit tests using Jtest’s AI-enabled Unit Test Assistant.
  • Analyzes the unit under test to determine its dependencies on other classes, and then automatically creates the necessary mocks and stubs to reduce the effort on this time-consuming task.
  • Unit Test Assistant (UTA) enabled with AI helps to increase the code coverage targets with existing test suites by traversing the control path of the source code to figure out which parameters need to be passed into a method under test and how stubs or mocks need to be initialized to reach uncovered code. This makes it possible to automatically generate new unit tests, applying modified parameters to increase the overall code coverage of the entire project.

AI-Enhanced API Test Generation

Accelerate API test creation by converting UI tests into complete, automated API test scenarios
with the combined power of AI and ML in Parasoft SOAtest’s Smart API Test Generator.
The automatically generated API tests are reusable, scalable, and resilient to change.

How It Works

Using reasoning to understand the patterns and relationships in the different API calls made while exercising the UI, the Smart API Test Generator takes the analysis of traffic to construct a series of API calls that represent the underlying interface calls made during the UI flow.

Next, it applies ML by observing what it can about the different API resources and storing them as a template in a proprietary data structure. This internal structure is updated by examining other test cases in the user’s library to learn different types of behavior when exercising the APIs. Examples of this could be an assertion or adding a specific header in the right spot.

AI’s goal is to create more advanced tests, going beyond just repeating what the user was doing. Here’s a step-by-step rundown of how the Smart API Test Generator works:

  1. Recognizes patterns inside the traffic.
  2. Builds a complete data model of observed parameters.
  3. Generates and enables automated API tests by applying learned patterns to other API tests to improve them and help users create more advanced automated test scenarios.

Automated UI Testing Enhanced With AI

Optimize testing and save critical time on Selenium web UI tests with self-healing capabilities provided by machine
learning and AI technologies, especially in cases when UI elements of web pages are moved or modified, causing
tests to fail.  Parasoft Selenic analyzes the test execution results, identifies the bad locator or wait condition, and
recommends a fix for the test.

How It Works

The widely adopted Selenium UI test automation framework for UI testing leaves users struggling with two common Selenium testing challenges: maintainability and stability. Combining AI technologies and machine learning, development teams can put Parasoft Selenic to work to efficiently accomplish the following.

  • Create tests by recording user interactions within the browser during manual UI testing.
  • Provide self-healing capabilities during runtime execution to address the common maintainability problems associated with UI testing.
Screenshot of Parasoft Selenic