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IDC MarketScape Names Parasoft a Leader in Cloud Testing

Headshot of Arthur Hicken, Evangelist at Parasoft
July 14, 2022
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Looking for a focused analysis on cloud testing? Read on to learn about the benefits and growth factors for cloud testing and find out why the IDC MarketScape named Parasoft a Leader.

Depth of API Testing, Integration Testing, & Service Virtualization Recognized

Parasoft has been named as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cloud Testing 2022 Vendor Assessment. We’re always working to improve the solutions we offer and proud to see the hard work of our engineers, developers, and other team members pay off in such a rewarding and momentous way.

IDC MarketScape recognized Parasoft for its strong foundation of core testing technical expertise, broad capabilities in the ASQ space, and excellent customer support.

Download the IDC MarketScape excerpt to learn the benefits and growth factors for cloud testing and find out why the IDC MarketScape named Parasoft a Leader.

What does this designation really mean and why did we earn it among 23 other vendors? Let’s break down the reasons why the proof of Parasoft’s value is in the programming.

What Is IDC and IDC MarketScape?

You may have heard of the industry analyst organization called IDC or International Data Corporation. They’re a provider of advisory services, intelligence, and events in telecommunications, consumer technology, and information technology spaces. These folks know data and how to catalyze research into action.

With this in mind, IDC created a tool to help companies select the right vendors for their needs. IDC MarketScape assesses vendors based on various facets for in-depth qualitative and quantitative reports. While quantitative metrics provide guidance for Automated Software Quality (ASQ) SaaS success/failure and cloud testing, granular metrics can also enable informed qualitative choices when it comes to compliance, risk, or where to divert resources to troubleshoot problems.

The overall assessment factors included:

  • Service offerings, solution capabilities, and available strategies
  • Vendor-specific current and future success factors
  • Cloud testing, ASQ SaaS, API testing, end-to-end life cycle management, and more
  • Performance optimization
  • Service virtualization
  • Test infrastructure provisioning and configuration management
  • Security focus
  • Scalability

Not only does this benefit IT buyers and vendors, but it also showcases the level of commitment certain SaaS companies pour into their products. In the above image, you can see Parasoft edging out the competition as a dominant leader across strategies and capabilities. This achievement comes as a result of consistently pursuing our primary goal: ensuring that our customers deliver safe, reliable, secure applications.

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cloud Testing 2022 Report

Benefits of Parasoft Cloud Testing Solutions

From the code to the UI, we help our customers with a comprehensive range of great automated testing solutions across the software development life cycle. According to the Worldwide Cloud Testing 2022 report,

“The strengths for Parasoft are in the depth of its functionality for the ASQ areas covered — for API testing and integration testing and service virtualization especially, along with the breadth of capability from runtime and static analysis to functional, unit, and focused testing and validation solutions to support both developer and tester needs.”

API Test Automation

Simplify functional API testing and improve software quality using test automation enhanced with AI and machine learning to create and optimize API tests in your CI/CD pipeline.

Service Virtualization

Eliminate testing bottlenecks by helping developers and testers deploy virtual test environments with simulated services and data sets that behave like production systems, at a fraction of the cost of actual infrastructure.

Continuous Quality Testing Platform

Integrate everything from deep code analysis to web UI and API testing into the DevOps workflow for secure, reliable, and compliant software at reduced effort, time, and cost.

How Parasoft Enables Cloud Testing

Cloud testing is synonymous with modern development. It’s lightweight containers that quickly push code, tests, and test data out to a pipeline and easily get answers back. Cloud testing is popular because it’s fast, effective, and scalable.

The Parasoft Continuous Quality Testing Platform is open, intelligent, and actionable in its support for modern cloud-native development.

Graphic showing benefits of Parasoft Continuous Quality Testing Platform include open, intelligent, and actionable.

With a long history of creating code quality tools with both the developer and tester in mind, the Parasoft Continuous Quality Testing Platform integrates test automation support for static code analysis, unit testing, UI and API testing, and service virtualization with intelligent reporting and analytics. Simply start with any testing capability, then integrate others into your workflow as your testing needs scale.

AI-augmented functionality, like test impact analysis, reduces the time and footprint of individual test runs. This smart test execution technology identifies all the tests and files involved with a code change. Instead of developers and testers rerunning a four-hour test, they can push it off to the cloud and get answers in mere minutes.

Here are more reasons why Parasoft Continuous Quality Testing Platform works so well with cloud testing.

  • Deep code analysis and testing for enterprise businesses
  • Continuous testing in a modern CI/CD pipeline for embedded software
  • A unique set of functional and static capabilities augmented with AI
  • Quality engineering, which includes security, is part of the solution, not extra
  • Support and streamline software compliance efforts in regulated markets
  • Regulated DevOps, in other words, continuous assurance

How Do Parasoft Solutions Work?

The Parasoft Continuous Quality Testing Platform is an open, scalable, and outcome-driven test automation platform that integrates software testing at every stage of the SDLC from requirements through code analysis to integration testing.

Continuous testing loop process: Plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate, monitor, repeat.

It combines all of the following aspects to boost quality, security, reliability, and compliance in even the most strictly regulated markets:

  • Software design
  • Code scanning
  • Unit testing
  • API testing
  • UI testing
  • Nonfunctional testing
  • Coverage and metrics

Data passes between tools to improve the efficiency of testing and creation. Existing API test assets can be repurposed for nonfunctional testing such as load, performance, and security.

“We’re honored to have been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for Cloud Testing. Our technology was built by our own team of software developers from the ground up with deeply intertwined capabilities across a breadth of tools that address customer needs. We continue to invest in our innovative ASQ solution to enable our customers to deliver their applications with confidence.”

—Elizabeth Kolawa, Chief Executive Officer at Parasoft

AI and machine learning augment every aspect of test creation, maintenance, and execution while also prioritizing and managing testing results.

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cloud Testing 2022 Report

Customer Successes

A quality-first approach is the foundation of Parasoft’s strategy. Our customers trust us with their software success.

Image showing results of Caesars Entertainment using Parasoft automated testing solutions. >1 million dollars saved in a year, 97% reduced test execution time, more than 96% improved UI test automation.

These accomplished companies partner with Parasoft to reduce the complexity and technical burden associated with cloud testing.

They’re able to easily perform thorough web and cloud application testing to meet high expectations and achieve internal business and technical goals.

Image showing results of ING using Parasoft automated testing solutions. 60% reduced complexity, eliminated dependencies for faster testing, reduced testing to 1 day and managed costs.

To quote Ryan Papineau, senior software engineer at Alaska Airlines,

“If you can dream it, you can build it.”

Image showing results of Alaska Airlines using Parasoft automated testing solutions. 100% reliable, repeatable tests, 500 on-demand automated test cases, eliminated false positives.

That’s our philosophy at Parasoft as we partner with our customers as they develop test strategies, leverage test automation, and achieve their software goals.

Parasoft Solutions at Your Fingertips

Parasoft is uniquely positioned to provide a huge breadth of features while making insights easy to turn into strategy. More than 30 years of making testing easier for our customers gives us the expertise to guide you. But it’s our commitment to the latest technologies that empower us to help you innovate.

Circle with Parasoft Continuous Quality Testing Platform in the center and separated into 6 parts: code analysis, unit testing & code coverage, service virtualization, API test automation, performance test automation, functional test automation.


We’re constantly exploring new avenues in automation and testing technology, so our service offerings continue to grow and evolve. So what are you waiting for? Leverage the power of Parasoft, an IDC MarketScape Leader, and the Continuous Quality Testing Platform for your team today.

Get the complimentary IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cloud Testing 2022 report excerpt now.

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