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Parasoft Concerto: Development Done Right

Parasoft Concerto is a complete software development management platform that ensures quality software can be produced consistently and efficiently–in any language.

By integrating policy-driven project management with Parasoft Test's quality lifecycle management as well as Parasoft Virtualize's dev/test environment management, Parasoft Concerto ensures predictable project outcomes while driving unprecedented levels of productivity and application quality.

Full Requirements Traceability

Task Management & Distribution

Automated Defect Prevention & Detection


Provides continuous visibility into "when" and "how" requirements are being implemented. Automated correlation of the code, testing, and builds with requirements provides a comprehensive assessment.

Distributes tasks directly to the developer's IDE based on manual assignments or business rules. Development progress is automatically monitored and visible to QA so they know what's ready for testing.

Through integration with Parasoft Test, reduces rework and cuts costs by automating the industry's broadest spectrum of integrated Development Testing practices.

Management expectations for development and testing are converted into actionable, measurable tasks. This helps the organization ensure process consistency while rapidly adapting to changing demands.

Objective Measurement

Project Planning & Task Definition

Manual Test Optimization

Seamless Integration

Measures your project in real-time versus expectations established via policies. Exception-based notifications alert the appropriate team members if action is needed.

Helps dissect high-level user stories into reasonable and manageable development tasks. Estimate the available resources for each iteration and allocate tasks accordingly.

Adds consistency and repeatability to the manual testing process. Also enables change-based testing by identifying the manual test cases impacted by daily source code modifications.

Hook-up and go- out of the box. Easily connect with your existing development environments (bug-tracking systems, requirement management systems, etc.).

Parasoft Concerto – Simple, Seamless Integration

One of the major hurdles in achieving greater SDLC productivity is the complexity and diversity of the development infrastructure. This lack of centralization makes aggregating critical, objective data points seem like an overwhelming endeavor. Parasoft Concerto is architected so you may easily overcome these challenges.

Parasoft Concerto is designed to seamlessly integrate into any development environment and any development language.

It can be fully integrated into your current environment within hours–not days.

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