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EN 50128

EN 50128 Compliance With Parasoft

What Is EN 50128?

EN 50128 “Railway applications – Communication, signaling and processing systems” is a European process standard. It contains technical requirements with procedures, principles, and measures to ensure the development of software that’s considered safe where there are safety implications. The software that runs on railway control programmable electronic systems — on the track and on the train side — is implemented using dedicated microprocessors, programmable logic controllers, multiprocessor distributed systems, large-scale central processor systems, or other architectures.

Enforcing EN 50128 Compliance With Source Code Analysis, Unit Testing, Traceability, & More

Reach EN 50128 compliance effectively and efficiently with Parasoft’s C/C++ automated software testing tool solutions. For over 30 years, Parasoft has been helping organizations meet rigorous standards through required best practices like requirements traceability, static code analysis, dynamic analysis, unit testing, software metrics, software on-host or on-target hardware verification and validation, full structural code coverage, functional/black box testing, and interface testing.

How Parasoft Helps Achieve EN 50128 Compliance

Leverage Parasoft C/C++test and C/C++test CT to reduce the cost and effort of achieving EN 50128 compliance by automating multiple testing methods required by the standard. Our automated software testing tool suite also saves time. Automatically generated reports and dashboards provide teams with a practical way to prevent, expose, and correct errors in the software and prepare the documentation required for the audits.

Parasoft C/C++test and C/C++test CT facilitates and automates the software testing methods specified in EN 50128, section 6 “Software assurance”, which defines a set of software testing processes and objectives for the railway software lifecycle. Each objective is defined in the following subsections of the standard:

  • 6.1 Software testing
  • 6.2 Software verification
  • 6.3 Software validation
  • 6.4 Software assessment
  • 6.5 Software quality assurance
  • 6.6 Modification and change control
  • 6.7 Support tools and languages

Parasoft C/C++test and C/C++test CT are the only software development and testing solution on the market that includes a broad scope of testing methodologies to maximize efficiency and improve results.

Table A.5
EN 50128 – Verification and Testing
Parasoft Support
All SIL levels (SIL 0 – SIL4)
1Formal ProofParasoft DTP
2Static AnalysisParasoft C/C++test
3Dynamic AnalysisParasoft C/C++test, C/C++test CT
4MetricsParasoft C/C++test, C/C++test CT
5TraceabilityParasoft C/C++test, C/C++test CT & DTP
6Software Error Effect AnalysisParasoft DTP
7Test Coverage for CodeParasoft C/C++test, C/C++test CT
8Functional/Black-box testingParasoft C/C++test, C/C++test CT
9Performance TestingParasoft C/C++test, C/C++test CT
10Interface TestingParasoft C/C++test, C/C++test CT
Text on the left: Guide to Achieving Functional Safety in Railway Software. Image on the right is a high-level, front view of an automotive in an urban setting having just passed through a tunnel.

Guide to Achieving Functional Safety in Railway Software: How to Satisfy EN 50128 Requirements

Parasoft’s development testing solution for C and C++ software facilitates the application of EN 50128 for railway applications. Find out how Parasoft enables teams to produce better code for embedded systems and test it more efficiently.