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DO-178B/C Compliance With Parasoft

What Is DO-178B/C & ED 12 B/C?

DO-178B and DO-178C (referred to as ED-12 B/C in Europe – referenced on this page as DO-178B/C for simplicity) provides guidance, used by aerospace software engineers, to ensure airworthiness. The DO-178 standard is not explicitly mandated in the FAA’s airworthiness requirements, but it is a critical component of the FAA’s approval process for issuing its Technical Standard Order (TSO), so DO-178 is considered essential.

Enforcing DO-178B/C Compliance With Source Code Analysis, Unit Testing, & Code Coverage

Parasoft C/C++test and C/C++test CT help users reduce the cost of achieving compliance by automating the software testing methods required by the standard. Parasoft’s solution includes static analysis, metrics analysis, unit testing, code coverage, and object/assembly coverage, providing teams with a practical way to prevent, expose, and correct errors in their functional safety systems.

How Parasoft Helps Achieve DO-178C Compliance

Developing DO-178B/C-compliant software for airborne systems is no easy feat, but Parasoft helps ease the burden, offering a broad range of development testing and verification tools (coding standards compliance analysis, data and control flow analysis, unit testing, application monitoring, workflow components, and more).

Parasoft’s C/C++test and C/C++test CT testing functions, configurable contexts, and reporting mechanisms provide software development teams with proven tools that help them achieve DO-178B/C compliance. With both solutions users are able to reduce the cost of achieving DO-178B/C compliance by saving time with advanced software testing methodologies. Automatically-generated reports and dashboards provide teams with a practical way to prevent, expose, and correct errors in their software, and prepare the documentation required for audits with the help of automated tool qualification.


Automate Assembly Code Coverage

Parasoft’s Assembly Coverage Tool (ASMTool) satisfies the Executable Object Code recommendations set out by DO-178B/C Level A. With little effort, ASMTool can generate structural coverage reports from Executable Object Code. Structural Coverage is reported with easily reviewable insight into compiler generated code that is not directly traceable to Source Code statements. It also tracks switch statements, providing full insight into the test execution paths at the machine language instruction level.

ASMTool also supports collecting Structural Coverage from both the software integration process (target hardware testing), and desktop development environment (Parasoft C/C++test for Unit Testing).

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Developing DO-178C Compliant Software for Airborne Systems

Parasoft helps ease the burden of compliance by offering an integrated solution for automating software verification and validation processes and software quality tasks specified in DO-178C. Read this paper to learn about this practical way to prevent, expose, and correct errors using Parasoft for C/C++ testing.