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Requirements Traceability

Verification and Validation of Your Software Requirements

The cornerstone of a rigorous software development process is requirements and the traceability to the artifacts that provide proof of correct implementation.

Benefits of Requirements Traceability for Verifying & Validating Your Software Deliverables

Integrate Quality Into Planning Tools

Streamline the complete software project lifecycle. Parasoft’s requirements traceability with application lifecycle management (ALM) and Agile planning tools, enable you to export test results and automate creation of other artifacts, such as defects and issues, in the system of record.

Expose Gaps in Test Coverage

Requirements traceability provides the connection that enables you to quickly identify which test cases to update, remove, or create when software requirements change, get deleted, or get created. Linking down to the source code exercised by each test required for safety-critical applications, clearly tells you what code is affected and identifies your gaps in test coverage.

Quickly Assess Quality Impact

As requirements and user stories are being verified by Parasoft’s automated software testing tools, pass/fail status is captured, logged and correlated with the work items. This provides a critical metric to track overall progress and the health of your software delivery to assess schedules and make key business decisions.

Satisfy Your Standard Compliance

Functional standards like ISO 26262, DO-178C, IEC 62304, IEC 61508 and EN 50128 dictate requirements traceability down to your test cases which Parasoft automates, eliminating the error prone manual approach.

Requirements Analytics & Reporting

Get a requirements traceability view of test cases with Parasoft’s analytics and reporting dashboard. Test case results, source files being tested and many other metrics like code complexity and coding violations are all aggregated into one report and correlated with your requirements and user stories.

Automated Defect Creation

The combination of requirements traceability and automated defect/issue creation provides a complete feedback loop for your development workflow. The team efficiently creates new work items after the identification of issues during triage of test failures and static analysis violations.

Where Is Requirements Traceability Used?

Requirements traceability proves that each phase of the development process is satisfying the requirements of each subsequent phase. However, this is only half of the picture. None of this traceability demonstrates that requirements are being met. That requires testing. Parasoft offers a complete suite of software testing tools that delivers requirement verification and validation needs for all industries.


Parasoft’s development testing solution integrates multiple testing technologies in one tool, which makes it perfect for verifying and validating your requirements. Easy to adopt, Parasoft tooling helps teams comply with automotive standards like MISRA and AUTOSAR C++ 14. Process standard ISO 26262 dictates that a traceability matrix be produced, which our customized compliance reporting and advanced analytics solution helps you achieve.

Military & Defense

Development teams can better verify and validate requirements in accordance to process standards DO-178A, and DO-178B/C, Software Levels A – D with help from Parasoft. We provide many of the software testing techniques listed and integrate with application lifecycle management (ALM), source control management (SCM), and reporting solutions that help satisfy requirements traceability and certification.

Medical Devices

Automate a broad range of software testing practices with Parasoft’s integrated medical device development testing solution[TK1] [RC2] . From code analysis and unit testing (for C, C++, Java, C#, and VB.NET) to functional verification of APIs and web UIs, Parasoft’s suite enables the automated verification and validation of your software requirements and realization of the requirements traceability matrix that functional safety standard IEC 62304 requires.

Civil Aviation

Requirements traceability in civil aviation is critical. Parasoft offers software testing technologies like static analysis unit testing and structural code coverage at the various levels of abstraction (statement, branch, MC/DC, and assembly) to verify and validate your avionics requirements. Companies rely on DO-178C, which mandates a requirements traceability matrix that Parasoft’s DTP solution helps satisfy.

Industrial Automation

Development teams for industrial automation development can verify and validate their software requirements using Parasoft’s software test automation. Perform static analysis, unit testing, code coverage, system testing and more. Achieve compliance with IEC 61508 with help from Parasoft to fulfill the requirements traceability matrix mandated by the standard.


A unified, automated software testing solution for the rail industry, Parasoft provides support for safety process standards like EN 50128 and other regulatory requirements (CERT, CWE, MISRA and AUTOSAR C++ 14). Verify and validate your software requirements with Parasoft solutions — and help realize the requirements traceability matrix required for compliance.


Making sure that all your software requirements and user stories have been tested is key in the financial services industry. As the scope and complexity of the code increases, it’s important in today’s fast-paced Agile lifecycle that all requirements be verified.


Verify and validate your highly sensitive and classified requirements. Parasoft’s automated testing tools integrate with ALM and Agile planning tools used in modern DevSecOps processes to deliver high-quality, secure software for today’s complex government needs. Our reporting and analytics solutions help complete the requirements traceability matrix mandates by many of the process standards that government agencies need to conform.

Healthcare & Insurance

Software in the healthcare industry must meet stringent specifications show proof of requirements verification and validation. Failure can literally mean a life-or-death situation. Parasoft tool suite offers automated testing solutions to help ensure that new innovations or capabilities that span from delivery of care to insurance processing are tested, provide safety to the patient, and keep their data secure.

Hospitality & Travel

Hospitality applications used by leisure and business travelers need to provide a good user experience in order to be successful. Meeting all customer requirements is imperative. Parasoft offers unit, API, UI, and other testing technologies to ensure verification of your business-critical requirements.

Retail & e-Commerce

Verify and validate software quality with a secure-by-design approach. Perform security testing early and often to thoroughly check for any potential issues and increase the velocity of software delivery. Parasoft aggregates data from code analysis, unit testing, functional testing, manual testing, and complete code coverage results to help complete the requirements traceability matrix defined in your ALM and Agile planning tools.


Address the constant changes that the telecom industry is experiencing with Parasoft’s comprehensive set of software testing solutions. These testing solutions verify and validate requirements. Get help with realizing a requirements traceability matrix to ensure the reliability and robustness of this highly complex code.

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