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Rail Industry Solutions

Rail Software Development and Testing

The rail industry is in a digitalization transformation to streamline freight and passenger operations. It aims to reduce costs, build smart trains and train stations that provide real-time rail and passenger movement information, enable transportation authorities, and improve the passenger experience by providing travelers with tools to choose the smartest, easiest travel and payment options.

Parasoft’s well-established testing solutions in the safety- and security-critical market offer better support for the rail standards than any other tool vendor. Our solutions are easy to adopt. They help organizations comply with the rail industry’s main standard (CENELEC EN-50128) and safety and security coding standards such as MISRA, AUTOSAR C++ 14, CERT, CWE, and OWASP.

Tackle Today's Modern Software Development Challenges

Reduce the Cost of Standards Compliance

Parasoft C/C++ testing solutions provides a unified, automated software testing solution for the rail industry, including support for safety process standards (such as EN 50128) and other regulatory requirements (like CERT, CWE, MISRA, and AUTOSAR C++ 14). Parasoft solutions improve software testing productivity, lower the barrier of introducing compliance to the development process, and reduce the amount of additional work required for qualification and preparation of reports and documentation needed for audits.

Secure Your Application With Security Coding Standards

Rail companies and their OEMs can implement testing solutions provided by Parasoft’s security-focused testing suite, which includes source code testing, unit testing, API testing, web UI testing, and service virtualization. Start on the right track. Create code using static analysis to make the software compliant with security standards such as CERT C, CERT C++, and CWE from the get-go. Don’t risk waiting until the end to identify your security vulnerabilities and safety defects.

Build Connected Railways and Train Stations

Modern train control systems contain software that connects railways, monitors real-time train movement, provides incident alarms, predicts maintenance, and performs many other crucial activities. Train stations are also part of this connected ecosystem with entry/exit gates, ticket vending machines, and apps for travelers to look up schedules and maps and pay for their fare. Developing these diverse and connected critical software applications requires a complete solution for security testing.

Parasoft's Solutions for the Rail Industry

Technology is driving the pace of change in the rail industry. Intelligent and actionable information is key, aided by smart sensors deployed across the network and the rail car. These connected technologies can inspect tracks and automate rail car behaviors like opening and closing doors. Databases are amassed with advanced algorithms and data analysis software that reduce the impact of human errors and limitations on railroad operations, improving safety and efficiency. The traveler’s experience is also enhanced by mobile applications that put the power of decision-making in the palm of their hand. All of this collected data and passenger privacy must be protected.

Benefit From the Parasoft Approach

Reduce the cost of developing high-quality software without sacrificing time to market.

Multiple Testing Technologies Integrated in One Tool

Instead of multiple fragmented solutions, Parasoft C/C++ testing solutions satisfies multiple software testing requirements imposed by EN 50716, and EN 50128. Parasoft’s comprehensive solution translates into a reduced learning and setup effort for developers. They can focus on their core responsibilities instead of learning several tools. Those managing the toolchain also benefit, saving time otherwise spent implementing interfaces between tools to exchange data or generate uniform reports.

Software Testing Tool for Safety- and Security-Critical Applications

Parasoft C/C++test and C/C++test CT are designed with safety- and security-critical applications in mind. When performing unit testing or runtime memory monitoring, all components required to build the test binary (including test cases for tested code), stimulation, and stubs are expressed in the form of the source code and can be versioned and inspected. By expressing all testing artifacts in the form of the source code, C/C++test ensures that the state of the memory before executing tests is constructed in the same way as in the production system.

TÜV SÜD Certificate for CENELEC EN 50128

C/C++test is certified by TÜV SÜD for use when developing safety-critical software and supported with a Qualification Kit for software classified with higher risk. Parasoft’s dedicated Qualification Support Tool guides users through all the steps required to qualify the tool and automates much of the tedious manual work, including executing test cases from the exhaustive test suite and generating final reports required to document the qualification process to satisfy safety standard EN 50128 for the rail industry.

Parasoft C/C++test CT is in the process of TÜV SÜD certification and a Quality Kit is being developed.