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Software Testing Solutions for the Modern Warfighter

Parasoft’s automated testing tools play a crucial role in supporting the modern warfighter by guaranteeing the security, safety, and optimal performance of software utilized in various missions, even under intense stress. Our distinctive strength lies in delivering comprehensive software testing solutions that span from embedded applications to enterprise software.

When it comes to building secure and reliable embedded applications, our suite of testing tools includes static analysis, unit testing, and code coverage, among other features. These tools enable developers to identify and address potential vulnerabilities and ensure the robustness of embedded software.

For enterprise software, we offer a versatile range of testing capabilities, such as scriptless REST and SOAP API testing, UI testing, load and performance testing, and security testing. Our solutions empower businesses to thoroughly validate their software products, ensuring they meet high-quality standards and remain secure from potential threats.

Additionally, our platform allows users to create, deploy, and manage virtual test environments with ease, providing flexibility and accessibility anytime and anywhere needed. With Parasoft’s comprehensive suite of automated testing tools, the modern warfighter can rely on the assurance that critical software used in missions is secure, dependable, and capable of performing exceptionally, ultimately contributing to mission success and safety.

DevSecOps for DoD

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Solve the Challenges of Military Software Development

Deploy DevSecOps

Parasoft’s cutting-edge automated testing solutions offer seamless integration with CI/CD pipeline tools, empowering developers to remediate security vulnerabilities effortlessly while leveraging the power of containers. With our service virtualization capabilities, users can efficiently create, deploy, and manage virtual test environments, streamlining the testing process.

In today’s DevSecOps environments, compliance with security standards is paramount. Parasoft ensures early compliance in the development process by seamlessly integrating with DevSecOps workflows. Our tools are designed to support mandated security standards such as CWE, CERT C/C++, DISA-STIG, and OWASP, providing developers with real time feedback on potential security flaws and vulnerabilities.

Moreover, we extend our compliance support to other essential standards like MISRA and AUTOSAR C++ 14, which are crucial for ensuring safety and reliability in compliance with functional standards such as DO-178C. By integrating these standards into our testing tools, we enable developers to build robust and secure software systems that meet industry regulations and best practices.

With Parasoft’s comprehensive integration with CI/CD pipeline tools and support for a wide array of compliance standards, developers can confidently enhance the security and reliability of their software throughout the development life cycle, mitigating risks and ensuring the delivery of high-quality products to the market.


Defense agencies are faced with the challenge of modernizing their computer systems while maximizing the capabilities of legacy equipment. Parasoft offers a specialized military software testing solution that effectively addresses both objectives. Through automation, our solution streamlines the testing process of legacy software systems, bringing them up to current safety and security standards.

Key components of our testing solution include static analysis, automated unit testing, and comprehensive code coverage analysis (statement, branch, MC/DC, and assembly code). These features ensure that legacy software is thoroughly examined for potential vulnerabilities, code errors, and security weaknesses, thus enabling it to meet today’s rigorous standards.

As part of our commitment to supporting the modernization efforts of the warfighter mission, we offer testing solutions in containers and the cloud. This approach ensures flexibility and scalability, allowing defense agencies to modernize their software systems without encountering bottlenecks in the testing process.

With Parasoft’s military software testing solution, defense agencies can confidently modernize their computer systems while optimizing the performance and security of legacy equipment, all with the assurance that critical software meets the highest safety and security standards necessary for successful and secure missions.

Time and Budget Demands

Amid budget restrictions, military agencies face the challenge of achieving more with limited manpower while being accountable for time and budget constraints. Parasoft’s military software testing tools offer a solution that effectively addresses these challenges. By seamlessly and tightly integrating with DevSecOps development tool ecosystems, our tools ensure both speed and quality throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).

With Parasoft’s integrated testing tools, military agencies can optimize their development processes, reducing manual efforts and freeing up valuable manpower. This automation streamlines testing procedures, enabling faster delivery of secure and high-quality software products while adhering to tight budgets and time constraints.

By leveraging Parasoft’s testing tools within the DevSecOps environment, military agencies gain greater visibility into the software development process, enabling them to identify and remediate issues earlier in the development cycle. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of time and budget overspends, allowing agencies to operate more efficiently and effectively within their resource limitations.

In summary, Parasoft’s military software testing tools help military agencies achieve more with less manpower and also enable them to deliver reliable and secure software solutions on time and within budget, ensuring mission success while meeting stringent budgetary constraints.

How Parasoft Helps Military Software Development

Parasoft adopts a proactive test early and often approach to military software testing, aiming to guarantee top-notch software quality, security, reliability, and on-time delivery. This approach is particularly effective in mitigating risks associated with complex and interconnected mission-critical systems. Our comprehensive suite of testing tools empowers developers to identify and address potential security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in application code bases.

With a strong focus on compliance, our testing tools ensure that software adheres to essential security and safety guidelines, such as CWE, CERT, OWASP, MISRA, AUTOSAR C++ 14, DISA-ASD-STIG, and process standards like DO-178C and UL 2900. By proactively enforcing these standards, Parasoft assists military organizations in meeting strict regulatory requirements and industry best practices, contributing to the overall reliability and security of the software.

Through this test-centric approach, Parasoft supports the development of high-quality military software that not only meets stringent security and compliance standards but also helps to reduce potential risks and challenges commonly associated with complex mission-critical systems. By incorporating testing early in the software development life cycle, we empower military agencies to deliver software solutions that excel in terms of quality, security, and reliability while ensuring on-time delivery for mission success.

Parasoft’s advanced military software testing solution, powered by cutting-edge Gen AI technology, enables projects to achieve compliance with coding standards, resulting in significantly improved code quality. With the most comprehensive support for a wide range of standards, our GenAI-powered tools outshine other solutions, ensuring rigorous adherence to best practices.

Through its built-in static analysis checkers and the transformative capabilities of GenAI, Parasoft verifies compliance with crucial safety and security standards, including CERT, CWE, OWASP, MISRA C 2023, MISRA C 2012, MISRA C++ 202x, MISRA C++ 2008, AUTOSAR C++ 14, and more. GenAI technology empowers the tools to intelligently adapt and evolve, continually refining their analysis for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

Integrating seamlessly into DevSecOps environments across various programming languages, such as  C/C++, Java, C#, and .NET, Parasoft C/C++test with GenAI facilitates continuous compliance enforcement. This integration ensures early detection and resolution of potential issues, further elevating the quality, reliability, and security of military software projects.

As a result of harnessing the transformative power of GenAI, military projects can confidently rely on Parasoft’s testing solution to produce exceptional software products that adhere to the strictest coding standards. With GenAI’s dynamic capabilities bolstering the already comprehensive compliance verification, Parasoft’s solution truly sets a new standard in military software testing, optimizing code quality, and security throughout the development process.

Parasoft is a well-established leader in the embedded safety- and security-critical market, providing unified and comprehensive testing solutions designed to meet the rigorous demands of such environments. Our automated solutions include a powerful array of features, such as static analysis, unit testing, code coverage analysis (statement, branch, MC/DC, and assembly code), and test case generation, among others.

To ensure easy adoption and seamless integration into developers’ preferred environments, C/C++test, one of our flagship tools, supports the most popular IDEs, including Eclipse, VS Code, ARM DS-5, IAR Workbench, Wind River Workbench, and more. This integration enhances developers’ productivity by enabling them to access the testing capabilities they need directly from their familiar development environments.

Parasoft’s commitment to versatility is evident in its vast support for numerous compilers and hardware platforms. Among those supported are Keil, ARM, IAR, Wind River, Green Hills, GNU, Clang, Freescale, Intel, TI, Renesas, Cosmic Microchip, and many others. This extensive compatibility allows developers to choose the best tools for their specific projects without compromising on testing capabilities.

In line with supporting the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) and military software testing requirements, our tools offer integrations with various ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tools such as Polarion, Jama Connect, and Codebeamer, ensuring seamless collaboration and traceability throughout the development process.

Moreover, for projects requiring continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), Parasoft tools offer integrations with popular CI/CD platforms like GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, Bamboo, and Azure DevOps. This enables automated and efficient testing as part of the CI/CD pipeline, ensuring that code is thoroughly validated before deployment, contributing to the overall software reliability.

With Parasoft’s unified testing tools and robust integrations, military projects and embedded safety- and security-critical applications can confidently achieve high-quality, reliable, and compliant software solutions throughout their development journey.

Parasoft C/C++test provides essential support to achieve compliance with DO-178A, DO-178B, and DO-178C standards for software levels A-D. With the help of our solution, development teams can effectively automate software testing techniques and verification processes required by these standards, ensuring a streamlined and efficient certification journey.

Key features of Parasoft C/C++test include static analysis, unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, and on-target hardware validation. These capabilities equip development teams with the necessary tools to rigorously verify the software at various stages, adhering to the strict requirements set forth by the DO-178 standards.

Additionally, our solution offers comprehensive code coverage analysis, encompassing statement, branch, and MC/DC coverage. Furthermore, Parasoft C/C++test supports assembly code coverage and verification for GHS PPC and GNU GCC x86 platforms.

The requirement traceability feature in our tool facilitates the link between test cases, code, and the set requirements, ensuring complete and transparent validation. This traceability is a vital aspect of demonstrating compliance with the DO-178 standard.

Whether following a Waterfall, Spiral, or Agile development approach, Parasoft C/C++test seamlessly integrates into any development process. This adaptability allows teams to maintain their preferred development methodology while simultaneously meeting DO-178C requirements.

Moreover, our testing solution for C/C++ software development integrates with application lifecycle management (ALM), source control management (SCM), and reporting solutions, further streamlining the certification process. These integrations ensure smooth collaboration and comprehensive documentation, contributing to the successful achievement of certification objectives.

By leveraging the power of Parasoft C/C++test, development teams can confidently pursue compliance with DO-178 standards for software levels A-D. The tool’s comprehensive testing and verification capabilities, combined with its integrative features, empower teams to produce high-quality, safety-critical software, meeting the demanding standards of the aerospace industry.

Parasoft testing solutions provide the essential support needed to achieve DISA ASD STIG compliance, even with its extensive list of almost 300 items to check. We understand that tackling the DISA STIG for Application Security and Development (DISA ASD STIG) can seem daunting, but our tools are designed to simplify the process and guide you through the compliance journey.

Our testing solutions are equipped to identify security flaws as required by the DISA ASD STIG standard. The ASD STIG outlines various methods to verify compliance, such as application scanning, manual review, and functional security testing. Parasoft’s tool suite offers application scanning, including static code analysis specifically tailored to meet the ASD STIG requirement for OWASP Top 10 compliance.

With the support of our testing solutions, you can confidently address the requirements laid out by the DISA ASD STIG and ensure your application’s security and compliance. Our tools simplify the process of achieving compliance and also provide actionable insights to guide you on your path to meeting the rigorous DISA ASD STIG standards.

Learn more about how Parasoft solutions can assist in achieving DISA ASD STIG compliance and empower your organization to build secure and reliable software applications that meet the demanding security standards set by DISA ASD STIG.

Parasoft’s Assembly Coverage Tool (ASMTool) is specifically designed to meet the Executable Object Code requirement defined in DO-178C Level A. With minimal effort, ASMTool efficiently generates comprehensive structural coverage reports directly from Executable Object Code. This capability allows for an easy and effective assessment of structural coverage, providing valuable insights into the compiler-generated code that may not have direct traceability to source code statements.

One of the key advantages of ASMTool is its ability to accurately track switch statements, providing complete visibility into the test execution paths at the machine language instruction level. This level of granularity ensures that all possible code paths are thoroughly tested and verified, critical for meeting stringent DO-178C Level A requirements.

Furthermore, ASMTool supports collecting structural coverage from two crucial stages in the development process. Firstly, during the software integration process, ASMTool enables target hardware testing, ensuring that structural coverage analysis is conducted in the real environment where the software will be deployed. Secondly, in the desktop development environment, ASMTool seamlessly integrates with Parasoft C/C++test for unit testing, making it a versatile solution for both integration and unit testing scenarios.

With Parasoft’s ASMTool, aerospace and safety-critical industries can confidently achieve DO-178C Level A compliance, effectively evaluating structural coverage from Executable Object Code. The tool’s comprehensive insights and support for tracking machine level instructions ensure thorough testing, validation, and verification of critical software components, contributing to the overall safety and reliability of high-integrity systems.

Leverage Parasoft’s powerful testing solutions to develop and ensure the security of Internet of Military Things (IoMT) or Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) applications. With Parasoft C/C++test, development teams can conduct comprehensive testing of APIs across a wide range of message formats and protocols, including HTTP(S), MQTT, WebSockets, and AMQP/RabbitMQ. This enables thorough validation of message integrity, performance timing, and identification of potential security vulnerabilities.

By using Parasoft C/C++test, IoT API developers can proactively detect and swiftly address vulnerabilities in the early stages of development. This early detection and resolution contribute to improved security and reliability of IoMT/IoBT applications.

To address the unique testing challenges posed by today’s connected military platforms, Parasoft C/C++test seamlessly integrates with Parasoft SOAtest and Parasoft Virtualize. This powerful integration combines API testing with runtime application coverage and simulated virtual test beds. This holistic approach enables testing teams to thoroughly evaluate the performance, security, and overall robustness of IoMT/IoBT applications under various real world scenarios.

By adopting Parasoft’s testing solutions, developers can confidently navigate the intricacies of IoMT/IoBT development, ensuring that their applications meet the highest standards of security and performance required by the military. The comprehensive testing capabilities, seamless integrations, and early vulnerability detection offered by Parasoft C/C++test enable teams to deliver reliable and secure IoMT/IoBT applications, contributing to the success of connected military operations.

Compliance with DO-178B/C for safety-critical applications necessitates tool qualification, ensuring that software tools used for verification are suitable and reliable. Organizations must provide evidence that these tools meet the necessary standards for developing safety-critical applications.

To simplify and automate the tool qualification process for static analysis, unit testing, and coverage requirements, Parasoft offers the Tool Qualification Kit for Parasoft C/C++test. This comprehensive kit streamlines the creation of supporting documentation required for tool qualification, significantly reducing the potential for human errors and the time needed to complete the qualification process.

Parasoft’s Tool Qualification Kit ensures compliance with DO-178B, DO-178C, and DO-330 across all software levels. Our conformant qualification process and automated tool qualification kit enable organizations to seamlessly demonstrate that Parasoft C/C++test meets the rigorous requirements of these standards.

With Parasoft’s Tool Qualification Kit, organizations can confidently develop safety-critical applications while efficiently addressing the demanding tool qualification process mandated by DO-178B/C. This automation not only saves time and reduces human error but also ensures that Parasoft C/C++test meets the stringent standards set by DO-178B, DO-178C, and DO-330, providing a reliable and qualified testing solution for safety-critical software development.