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Hospitality & Travel

Deliver Hospitality Applications That Exceed User Expectations

Produce High-Quality and Secure Code

The hospitality industry faces many challenges when dealing with software technology. Some of those are influenced by internal activities such as mergers and acquisitions, while others are affected by industry and government regulations like PCI DSS and GDPR. Travel and hotel companies need to ensure their applications properly interface with external partners, loyalty programs, reservation systems such as Sabre, and transaction processing protocols.

Keeping your hospitality software running smoothly while also scaling to meet the demands of the business can be even more daunting when changes occur to APIs and UIs. Parasoft understands the issues you’re dealing with and provides the solutions you need to optimize your testing processes for delivering a high-quality experience to your users.

Address Today's Modern Software Development Challenges

Produce Software That Delivers Satisfied Customers

Your clients need to book and manage reservations, view frequent traveler profiles, and submit payment information securely from mobile devices, kiosks, and desktop computers. Keeping up with the evolution of your hospitality applications requires a thorough testing strategy to ensure that customers stay satisfied with the online experience. Parasoft’s centralized reporting and analytics platform enables development managers to easily track metrics from across all testing practices for a continuous view of quality.

Maintain Tests When Technology Changes

To keep pace with application changes, testers must rapidly assess the impact on overall code quality and performance. Smart Test Execution identifies exactly which tests need to be executed based on what has changed. Business-critical unit, API, and UI tests can be triggered as a function of code check-in to ensure quick feedback every time a developer changes anything and to keep the risk of regressions leaking into the integrated system low.

Protect Sensitive Customer Information

Compliance initiatives such as PCI DSS, PII, CCPA, and GDPR discourage developers and testers from using production data when testing, but realistic data is key to testing. Parasoft removes the reliance on real-world data by creating virtual services that can operate even if the request data isn’t exactly right. Virtual services can be data-driven with expressions that can analyze the requests coming to them and respond appropriately, reducing the data required to interact with the backend system.

Parasoft’s Testing Solutions for Hospitality

Hospitality applications that are targeted for use by leisure and business travelers need to provide a good user experience in order to be successful. It’s also imperative to ensure compliance with PCI DSS and other applicable privacy regulations. Automated testing is key for ensuring a cost-effective software delivery process and a high-quality production release. Parasoft’s full suite of software testing tools is designed to help hospitality organizations efficiently overcome today’s fast-paced software development and testing complexities.

Benefit From the Parasoft Approach

Reduce the cost of developing high quality software without sacrificing time to market.

Simplify Software Development and Testing Workflows

Hospitality organizations need to create secure, reliable, and scalable applications. Parasoft’s simplified test automation workflows and integrations enable teams to optimize continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). With Parasoft’s extensive support for industry message formats and protocols, DevOps teams can thoroughly test their applications end to end with continuous quality in mind.

Get a Comprehensive View of Test Results

Parasoft’s centralized reporting dashboard provides users with a framework to take action based on the post-processing insights gained from the Process Intelligence Engine. Parasoft aggregates data from unit testing, functional testing, manual testing, code coverage, and code reviews to provide DevOps teams with a comprehensive view of the results of testing.

Test the Complete Digital Experience, From Mobile to Microservices

Parasoft’s comprehensive ecosystem reduces the cost associated with training your testers on the multiple tools you would require without Parasoft. With a one-stop shop for testing mobile to microservices, Parasoft gives you the confidence you need to engage any testing initiative and know the solution supports your requirements.


"Parasoft SOAtest has allowed us to implement an automated and repeatable testing process with the breadth of coverage needed to ensure every release is stable, meets requirements, and prevents critical errors from reaching production."

- Sabre


"We struggled for 3 months with our existing service virtualization solution, then we turned to Parasoft and they addressed the problem in 30 minutes!"

- Caesar's Entertainment


“If you can dream it, you can build it. We essentially went from being untestable to testable to now having a thriving demand for more of these capabilities.”

- Alaska Airlines