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Software Development Standards Compliance

FDA, DO-178B/C, MISRA, JSF, PCI-DSS, ISO, IEC, and more

  • The most comprehensive development compliance solution
  • Integrate compliance policies into the SDLC and team workflow
  • Accurately and consistently automate verification and validation tasks
  • Achieve unparalleled process consistency, visibility and traceability
  • Leverage compliance-based templates to jumpstart compliance efforts

A Comprehensive Development Testing Platform that Delivers Proven Results

Parasoft's integrated compliance solution is the most comprehensive available–automating critical Development Testing software validation practices from static analysis, to peer code review, to unit testing & component testing, to code coverage analysis, to traceability.

With over 25 years of experience helping the majority of Fortune 500 companies incorporate these practices into their environments, Parasoft knows what it takes to rapidly bring organizations into compliance with quality and security regulations and evolve a sustainable process for continued compliance.

Out-of-the Box Support for Key Standards

Efficiently and consistently drive any policy or group of policies that your organization must follow. Our solution provides templates for common regulatory compliance initiatives, including:

Pre-configured settings on industry and regulatory standards enable teams to rapidly assess compliance-without having to determine how the standards' requirements translate to code. Parasoft works with each organization to optimize the templates for their unique demands. This jumpstarts compliance and establishes the foundation for continuous improvement.

Automatically Monitor Adherence to Custom Rules

Automatically monitor compliance to custom policy requirements. The library of hundreds of rules designed to check common industry best practices can be customized as needed to match specific policy requirements or address even the most complex and unique requirements. Map rule names, descriptions, and severities to your organization's policies to establish a fully-customized policy management and reporting interface.

End-to-End Quality Management

Parasoft provides out-of-the-box automation of the key validation practices named in FDA, PCI DSS, DO-178B/C and other key regulations, including:

Parasoft's technology suite extends from Java, C, C++, and .NET programming languages to SOA/Cloud, Web/RIA applications.

Integrated Continuous Compliance Process into the Workflow and Across the SDLC

Parasoft establishes a continuous compliance process that ensures compliance tasks begin early and are deployed across every stage of the SDLC, as recommended by the FDA, PCI DSS, and other regulations. To ensure that quality is unobtrusively built into the development process, Parasoft integrates compliance tasks into the team's existing workflow and automates them so team members can focus on work that truly require human intelligence.

Unparalleled Process Consistency, Visibility & Auditability

Parasoft's policy-based approach to compliance helps organizations effectively establish, document, and communicate expectations to the development team. The automated infrastructure provides visibility and auditability, ensures consistent policy application, and automatically monitors policy compliance. Parasoft's unique automated infrastructure orchestrates automated and manual compliance tasks and tracks the execution of all policy-based tasks, analyses, and approvals/sign-off tasks.

Comprehensive Requirements Traceability

Requirements are correlated with automated and manual tests, source code, and development/testing tasks. The current level of verification for each requirement or task (including task pass/fail status and coverage) can be assessed at any time by back tracing to all associated tests. This correlation also enables change-based regression testing, which identifies exactly which tests are impacted by source code and requirement modifications. Teams know exactly which tests need to be rerun and which code needs to be re-reviewed.

In addition to tracking when the functionality for each requirement is implemented and tested, Parasoft also monitors compliance with non-functional requirements (e.g., coding standards, peer review, coverage, etc.) The system can be configured so that functionality is not considered "complete" unless it complies with the team's quality expectations.

Prevent Defects and Reduce Dev/QA Cycles

Regulations such as FDA and PCI DSS recommend preventing the introduction of defects by baking in quality tasks from the start of the SDLC rather than trying to test out defects later in the process. Parasoft is the industry leader in defect prevention-we wrote the book on it (Automated Defect Prevention, Wiley-IEEE, 2007).

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