Process Intelligence Engine (PIE)

Parasoft’s award-winning PIE identifies software defects by correlating observations across the SDLC. As the brain of Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP), PIE performs multivariate analysis alerting managers to application hotspots that harbor hidden defects.

  • Focus development efforts on quality tasks that have the most impact
  • Expose application risks that dashboards overlook
  • Prevent defects from leaking into production
  • Highlight opportunities for process improvement
  • Explore Parasoft DTP

Continuous Process Improvement

PIE highlights process risks and enables continuous improvement—a central principle of DevOps. PIE not only looks for patterns within defects identified in a specific test and analysis run, but also correlates the defects with observations over time—exposing defect injection patterns.

Trigger Workflows

One of the greatest issues associated with test automation is the overwhelming volume of data it returns. When flooded with information, developers and testers are simply paralyzed. PIE solves this problem by automatically prioritizing observations according to predefined business objectives. PIE assigns metadata to the observation, which can then trigger an event within Parasoft DTP or any external system.

Metrics Feedback into Policy

Metrics derived from the application of PIE serve as quality gates for determining the risk associated with releasing software, as well as feed back into Policy Center to optimize defect prevention for future cycles

Define Risk According to Your Policy

Every organization faces different business risks–and within an organization, the risks confronting each project team also vary. To optimize the application of automated tools and analysis techniques, you can create “PIE slices,” which are custom chains of analytical data to identify the business risks hidden in the code.