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Advanced Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to understand the impact of changes in your codebase and get actionable insights to ensure the delivery of high-quality software.

Parasoft's web portal provides a centralized, interactive dashboard for dynamic exploration and investigation into your testing practices. The central hub provides teams with a way to monitor and manage the quality of the entire software development process.

Visible in the reporting dashboard, Parasoft’s award-winning Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) processes the results of software testing across all testing techniques (static analysis, metrics, unit testing, functional testing, manual testing, code coverage, code reviews, etc.), and provides deep analytics to enable users to drive process improvements, gain greater insights, and streamline the team’s testing activities.

Get actionable insights to address modern software development challenges:

 Mitigate risks of failure due to accelerated release schedules

Mitigate risks of failure due to accelerated release schedules

Mitigate business risks without reducing the productivity of the team with Parasoft's centralized quality hub that aggregates all the data from your testing practices. Parasoft's advanced analytics uncover the hidden risks within the codebase, so you can make decisions about what is an "acceptable" level of risk and release sooner, with more confidence.

Manage diverse teams

Lower the cost of security

Instead of waiting until the last phases of the software development process or adding additional specialized tools, you can embed security testing into your existing quality process with Parasoft. To reduce the testing burden, the Process Intelligence Engine provides post-processing insights from the Parasoft tools that are already supporting your team’s quality practices, including static application security testing and penetration testing, to provide a comprehensive view of your security policy.

Manage diverse teams

Manage geographically-dispersed and technology-diverse teams

To effectively manage teams working with different core technologies using different testing tools, Parasoft collects data from both Parasoft and third-party tools. With unique data management filters that aggregate test runs across teams and codebases, and role-based access to enable sharing of configurations and dashboards, teams leveraging Parasoft’s advanced analytics are able to gain deep insights without treading on each other’s toes.

Parasoft's Interactive Reporting and Analytics Solution

To immediately get deep insights into the quality of your codebase, Parasoft provides preconfigured analytics to immediately harness the power of the Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) out-of-the-box. Users can also easily create their own custom analytics, extending the solution to measure just about anything they want.

Parasoft’s centralized reporting dashboard provides an intuitive user interface with dynamic data explorers that enable users to investigate the results of PIE's analytics, getting actionable visibility into the data and enabling powerful workflows for the development team, integrating directly in the IDE and other systems of record.

Leverage the Process Intelligence Engine to optimize your testing strategy and focus on re-executing only the tests that touch the changes.

Parasoft’s test impact analysis technology enables the team to discover regressions sooner and avoid last-minute delays and late nights before a new release, by analyzing the intersection of code changes with tests, and identifying the subset of tests that need to be re-executed to validate the changes.

You don't have time to test all of your legacy code – most of it is already working and you are not changing it in this sprint. Focus on achieving 100% coverage on the code that has changed, not coverage of legacy code.

Simply focusing on increasing code coverage is not going to tell you if you are testing the code that truly matters (the new and modified code). The Process Intelligence Engine analyzes the changes between builds to determine where the risky gaps in coverage exist, helping you to focus on creating the right tests so you can move into the next sprint with confidence.

Customize your own multidimensional and multi-variable definition of “risk,” and then let the Process Intelligence Engine show you where it exists in your codebase. Then, prioritize the testing that will get the risk under control so you can sleep at night.

The Process Intelligence Engine can identify your unstable tests because it uses data from individual tests across builds. For test stability reporting, the Process Intelligence Engine analyzes patterns in the test execution to enable the team to focus on true regressions rather than wasting time chasing instabilities. 

On the other side of the coin, when you’re trying to find your unstable tests, you can use these analytics to quickly pinpoint them, avoiding the frustrating hunts for the needles-in-the-haystack.

How do you know the amount of debt or risk that exists across projects? Simply counting the number of static analysis violations is not sufficient to understand the amount or risk that exists within a codebase. Different organizations associate different levels of risk and different costs to different static analysis rules, so PIE’s configurable KPI calculations allow you to build a consistent scorecard across teams, enabling users to quantify these values and monitor improvements.

In addition to the existing analytics from the Process Intelligence Engine, you can create and customize the tool to measure whatever you want. PIE can take in imported data from just about any external analysis tool, to help you paint a complete picture of your code quality.

Yes! Parasoft’s Process Intelligence Engine provides deep analytics by aggregating data from across all of your testing. Analytics include data from Parasoft technologies as well as OSS/3rd-party tools, supporting over 15 development languages.

Parasoft's Advanced Analytics

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Reduce the cost of developing high-quality software, without sacrificing time-to-market.

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Parasoft is an automated, non-invasive solution that scans under-development applications for errors before they become production problems, alerting developers to coding problems and giving managers the reports they need to set strategic goals. Parasoft can provide significant value to software development organizations.


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Unlike any other solution on the market, Parasoft's centralized reporting and analytics system enables teams to get actionable insights as part of continuous workflows. With flexible and dynamic reporting dashboards and an AI-enabled analytics engine, Parasoft delivers next-generation reporting to help organizations release high-quality software with confidence.