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Reporting & Analytics

Track Risk and Quality With Robust Reporting and Software Testing Analytics

Reporting and Analytics for Informed Decisions

Releasing the latest software version often feels like a gamble. By analyzing test execution and reporting on performance, Parasoft enables more informed and less risky decisions.

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Gain Insights About Application Quality

Understand Risk

Get a complete view of testing coverage and failures. Understand the risk of release so you can prioritize tasks and gate the delivery pipeline accordingly.

Remove Silos and Increase Collaboration

Architects, developers, engineers, testers, and product managers evaluate aggregated workflows across teams. Parasoft’s software testing analytics deliver a single source of truth into what works — and what doesn’t.

Improve Code Quality

Teams don’t just need to understand where the code breaks. They also need to understand why. Analytics highlight the data you need to evaluate. Interactive dashboards, reports, and explorers present them in easily visualized and understood formats. Use these insights to continuously improve the quality of software development in the future.

Test Intelligently

Parasoft’s award-winning Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) tells you not just where to test but how to test — and when. Streamline the team’s testing activities in complete synchronization with sprint activities and the CI/CD pipelines.

Automate Compliance Reporting

The reporting functionality allows you to automatically generate compliance documentation to meet a variety of functional safety and security standards.

Test to Requirements

Create test cases from requirements, link them to complete your traceability matrix and ensure test verification of each requirement. Access bidirectional traceability for easy navigation between your test cases and your requirements management solution.

Parasoft Reporting & Analytics Tools

Parasoft’s two-pronged reporting and analytics approach means automated tools don’t just analyze test execution, they also report on what worked — and what didn’t.

The centralized dashboard facilitates reporting and analytics from the range of Parasoft products. Customize the interactive dashboard to aggregate data. Adjust granularity to evaluate testing processes at a glance and down at the individual test case level.

Generate static HTML, PDF, and XML reports showing test execution results. Create reports either from the desktop or integrate them into your CI/CD pipeline. Helps comply with standards: MISRA, AUTOSAR, CERT, CWE, OWASP, ISO 26262, EN 50128, IEC 61508, and DO-178B/C

Designed to shine in the modern Agile DevOps framework, Parasoft Jtest seamlessly integrates with your IDE and aggregates trending analysis so you can understand the complete state of software quality. Helps comply with standards: OWASP, CWE, PCI DSS

Made for the Microsoft tooling environment, Parasoft dotTEST ensures code quality and compliance with industry standards. Reporting and analytics aggregate test results to highlight code coverage and intelligently assess risk. Complies with standards: OWASP, CWE, andPCI DSS

Parasoft’s advanced analytics use data from SOAtest along with code coverage and requirements traceability to aggregate information that provides useful insights on code quality. Reporting and analytics deliver static or integrated results to evaluate effectiveness of test coverage.

Run Selenium tests and aggregate test results to evaluate results and determine risk of failure. Integrated smart analytics aggregate web UI test results for risk evaluation.

Where Is Software Testing Analytics Used?

Comprehensive at-a-glance analyses of the testing process help in any modern software development environment. The reporting generated is especially useful in industries that have to meet a variety of stringent security and safety testing standards.


With news of spectacular cyberattacks making headlines every day, your financial applications can’t afford vulnerabilities in code. Meeting security standards is a must, as is delivering on the promise of Agile. Comprehensive reporting and analytics from Parasoft automates the documentation needed for compliance. Even better, they can be woven into Agile CI/CD pipelines so teams develop a security-first mindset.


Strict safety standards such as ISO 26262 and compliance requirements drive the automotive industry. Another must-have for the industry: robust, reliable, and secure code. Software testing analytics help on all fronts. They help drive business full-throttle ahead.

Civil Aviation

In civil aviation, organizations rely on DO-178C (for commercial software-based aerospace systems) and DO-278 (for communication, navigation, surveillance, and air traffic management software-based systems). Software must demonstrate compliance with these standards and testing should have traceability requirements woven in.

Industrial Automation

Companies in this space choose to develop their industrial automation systems in compliance with the IEC 61508 standard, which requires attention to standards during software development and testing processes. Parasoft helps demonstrate compliance while focusing on delivery of high-quality software.

Healthcare & Insurance

Meeting safety standards is literally a matter of life and death in the industry. Security of patient health information is also high priority. Automated compliance reports and comprehensive reporting and analytics help the industry satisfy mandates while maintaining Agile software development lifecycles.

Medical Devices

The industry needs to ensure that devices will be approved by certification authorities such as the FDA. To reduce the risk, cost, and effort related to medical device approval, many medical device manufacturers decide to comply with IEC 62304, the most important regulatory document available for medical systems. Parasoft’s reporting and analytics tools facilitate demonstration of compliance and traceability so you can focus on delivering high-quality, safe, and secure software.

Military & Defense

Application code in the industry needs to support the warfighter mission and must be free of security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Parasoft’s reporting and analytics capabilities help enforce compliance with security guidelines such as OWASP, CWE, CERT, and UL 2900.

Retail & e-Commerce

Credit card information storage and processing is a challenge because it’s a ready target for cyberattackers. Code must be hack resistant while also ensuring a frictionless shopping experience. Software testing analytics aggregate code failures and related data for better understanding of potential vulnerabilities.