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Software Compliance Testing Solutions by Industry

Software compliance testing is imperative for industries that require high-quality, reliable software that must adhere to safety and security guidelines and coding standards.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance Through Software Compliance Testing

Our solutions ensure regulatory compliance by facilitating adherence to a comprehensive range of standards encompassing coding, functional safety, security, and other regulatory and compliance requirements. With continuous software compliance testing, we mitigate risks and ensure project success.

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Functional Safety & Security-Critical Industries

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Ensure Regulatory Alignment With Compliance Standards

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Testing Methods for Embedded & Enterprise Software

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Functional Safety and Security-Critical Industries

Committed to supporting functional safety- and security-critical industries, our automated software testing solutions and rigorous testing methodologies help organizations detect and mitigate hazards and vulnerabilities, ensuring strict adherence to safety and security standards.


The automotive industry continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, expanding into technical domains like AI/ML, software-defined vehicles (SDVs), autonomous driving, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). This transformation introduces new safety and security challenges.

Navigating the intricate landscape of standards like ISO 26262, ISO 21434, ASPICE, SOTIF, or ensuring compliance with MISRA C 2023, MISRA C++ 2023, and AUTOSAR C++ 14 demands meticulous attention and robust solutions.

Parasoft’s comprehensive automated testing solutions meet compliance and certification requirements mandated by regulatory bodies and industry standards. Static analysis, dynamic analysis, code coverage, and requirements traceability address the unique challenges of software development in the automotive industry and ensure the safety, reliability, and performance of vehicles in an increasingly connected and autonomous world.

Industrial Automation

The industrial automation sector finds itself in a profound transformation, increasing connectivity of control systems through the industrial internet of things (IIoT), Industry 4.0 initiatives, and smart manufacturing. All of these introduce fresh sets of safety and security imperatives.

The escalating complexity of automation systems, coupled with the ever-looming specter of cybersecurity threats, underscores the paramount importance of adhering to industry standards. Compliance with pivotal safety and security standards like IEC 61508, IEC 62443, ISO 13849, and IEC 61511 in parallel with adhering to coding standards like MISRA C/C++ and CERT C/C++ has become non-negotiable.

In navigating these multifaceted challenges, Parasoft’s advanced automated testing solutions provide comprehensive software verification methods in static analysis and dynamic analysis to overcome the challenges of ensuring system reliability, safety, security, and compliance.

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Medical Devices

The medical devices industry holds a legacy of groundbreaking innovation and finds itself at the forefront of an era defined by transformative progress. Technologies like 5G unleashed unprecedented connectivity capabilities that are vital for powering applications such as robotic surgical systems, consumer wearables, the internet of medical things (IoMT), software as a medical device (SaMD), and advanced medical imaging technologies including virtual reality, AI, and ML.

Compliance with the following standards is paramount to ensure the well-being of patients and safeguard against potential risks: 

  • IEC 62304
  • IEC 62443 
  • ISO 13485 
  • UL 2900
  • FDA guidelines such as 21 CFR
  • IEC 81001-5-1

The complex nature of medical device software underscores the critical importance of adhering to coding standards like MISRA C/C++ and CERT C/C++.

Parasoft’s comprehensive software testing solutions enable development teams to ensure compliance with FDA and EMA regulations and enhance patient safety and security.

Military & Aerospace

The military and aerospace industry is technically complex and sophisticated. The complexity largely stems from the diverse range of avionic systems developed for both commercial and defense purposes. From next-generation aircraft to unmanned aerial vehicles, these industries leverage revolutionary technologies to redefine defense, transportation, and exploration capabilities.

Ensuring safety and security is essential. Teams must adhere to stringent functional safety standards such as DO-178C DAL A and EUROCAE ED-12C, alongside cybersecurity standards like DO-326A. Doing so is crucial for maintaining the integrity and reliability of mission-critical systems. Additionally, the complexity of aerospace and defense avionic software underscores the necessity for coding standards like MISRA C/C++ and CERT C/C++.

Parasoft’s automation testing solutions play a pivotal role in meeting compliance and certification requirements mandated by regulatory bodies such as the FAA and EASA. Our comprehensive software testing offerings include static analysis, dynamic analysis, code coverage, and requirements traceability to address the intricacies of software development for military and aerospace applications.


The rail industry plays a vital role in global transportation networks. From high-speed trains to urban metro systems and freight railways, this sector utilizes a diverse array of technologies aimed at enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

To ensure safety and security, teams must adhere to standards like EN 50716 and EN 50128 for software. Cybersecurity guidelines like IEC 62443 are essential for maintaining the integrity and reliability of rail systems. Additionally, compliance with coding standards like MISRA C/C++ and CERT C/C++ is crucial due to the complexities of rail signaling and control software.

Parasoft’s automation testing solutions are integral to meeting compliance and certification requirements by rail authorities. Our comprehensive software testing offerings address the unique challenges of software development in the rail industry. Developer teams can ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of rail systems in the face of evolving technological and regulatory demands.

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Security-Critical Industries

Parasoft’s robust tools and automated testing capabilities enable organizations to shift-left the identification and remediation of security vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC, ensuring the integrity and reliability of business-critical systems.


In the financial industry, application security is critical to safeguarding the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of sensitive data and transactions. Breaches or compromises in security can lead to severe consequences, including financial loss, reputational damage, regulatory fines, and erosion of customer trust. 

Our testing solutions tailored for the finance sector ensure compliant, secure software. With Parasoft’s Continuous Quality Testing Platform teams can: 

  • Easily navigate compliance regulations like PCI DSS, SOX, GDPR, and CCPA. 
  • Detect and remediate security vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC with Parasoft’s static analysis solutions for Java and .NET, which support industry secure coding standards like CERT, CWE, OWASP, and PCI DSS
  • Track compliance to secure coding standards with advanced compliance reporting. 
  • Ensure APIs are thoroughly tested with SOAtest and its robust support for 120+ message formats and protocols, including FIX, Swift, ISO 20022, ISO 8583, EDI, TSYS, and Copybook.
  • Start validating API security early. Repurpose SOAtest test cases for security penetration testing and ensure APIs meet OWASP Top 10 and CWE compliance requirements.

Healthcare & Insurance

Healthcare and insurance organizations face a daunting challenge in reconciling the need for agile software delivery with stringent compliance to regulations like HIPAA and GDPR related to sensitive information like PII and PHI. Parasoft’s automated software testing solutions help teams achieve cost-effective compliance. Healthcare and insurance organizations experience the following benefits from employing our solutions. 

  • Robust support for security coding standards like OWASP, CWE, and CERT with Parasoft’s static analysis solutions for Java and .NET. 
  • API test automation for industry-specific formats (HL7 2.x/3, HL7 FHIR®, EDI X12) and protocols to achieve compliance with regulations such as CMS, ONC, GDPR, and HIPAA related to types of sensitive information like PII and PHI.
  • Easy codeless API security penetration testing that can be integrated into CI/CD pipelines. 
  • The ability to generate virtual test data decouples testing activities from production systems, minimizing the risk of sensitive PII exposures. 
  • A centralized view of quality with Parasoft’s analytics platform that streamlines the review and audit processes of software delivery, ensuring efficient management of compliance obligations while maintaining the pace of innovation.

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Hospitality & Travel

With the growth of digital platforms for booking reservations, managing guest information, and processing transactions, hospitality organizations are entrusted with a wealth of personal and financial data. Consequently, ensuring robust security measures within these applications is imperative to mitigate the risk of data breaches, identity theft, and fraudulent activities. Moreover, compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS and GDPR is essential to avoid hefty fines, legal repercussions, and reputational damage. 

Parasoft’s static analysis solutions provide out-of-the-box support for secure coding standards like PCI DSS, OWASP, CWE, and CERT for Java and .NET applications. Easy-to-use, comprehensive compliance reporting streamlines and tracks compliance to secure coding standards. 

With SOAtest’s built-in OWASP Zap or integration with Burp Suite, teams can ensure application APIs and web UIs comply with OWASP Top 10, OWASP API Security Top 10, and CWE. They can codelessly create API and web UI tests with SOAtest and repurpose the functional test cases for security and penetration testing without having to be a security expert.

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Public Sector

In the government public sector, application security and compliance are paramount due to the sensitive nature of the data and critical services. Government agencies handle vast amounts of confidential information, including citizen records, financial data, and national security details. 

Ensuring robust security measures within applications is essential to safeguard against cyber threats, unauthorized access, and data breaches that could compromise national security or infringe upon citizens’ privacy rights. Additionally, compliance with regulatory frameworks like GDPR is mandatory to uphold transparency, accountability, and trust in government operations.

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Leverage Parasoft’s automated testing solutions to: 

  • Ensure C/C++, Java, and .NET code complies with secure coding standards like OWASP, CWE, CERT, and UL 2900. 
  • Get a head start on meeting requirements for DISA ASD STIG by running static analysis rule sets that map to a subset of DISA ASD STIG IDs where static analysis applies. 
  • Thoroughly test APIs and web UIs for OWASP and CWE security vulnerabilities. 
  • Move away from testing with production data that contains sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) and requires extensive masking and sanitization. Instead, generate virtual test data. 
  • Monitor compliance over time with real-time reporting on static analysis and testing results. 
  • Generate compliance documentation for secure coding standards for auditing purposes.


The telecommunications industry faces heightened risks from cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny due to the widespread adoption of digital technologies and convergence with other sectors like finance and healthcare. 

Telecommunication companies handle huge amounts of sensitive data that includes personal information, call records, and financial transactions, making them prime targets for cyberattacks and data breaches. Robust application security measures are essential to safeguard against unauthorized access, data manipulation, and service disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted delivery of critical communication services. 

Compliance with regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, as well as regulatory agencies, like the FCC, is crucial to maintain regulatory compliance, uphold consumer trust, and avoid severe penalties.

Parasoft’s Continuous Quality Testing Platform provides developers and testers with a shift-left approach to application security. Teams can leverage our static analysis solutions to ensure code complies with secure coding standards as it’s being written and use our functional testing solutions to ensure APIs and web UIs follow OWASP Top 10 and CWE security guidelines.

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