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Top 75 QA Interview Questions & Answers With Examples

How to Interview for a QA Engineer Job When it comes to quality assurance interview questions for software testing, knowing the “right” answers can be simple or subjective. Moreover, interviewing for a new job is...Keep reading

Reading Time: 14 minutes

What Are Different Types of Tests for Microservices?

Thorough, accurate, and efficient methods of testing microservices are essential in today’s Internet and mobile app-oriented world. In this piece, we look at: What microservices do. How they do it. The different types of microservices...Keep reading

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Increase the Efficiency of Low-Code Application Development With Automated Testing

Development teams with professional developers and citizen developers alike have adopted low-code platforms and application development to save time, decrease costs, and increase innovation. The all too common tasks of writing repetitive code are reduced...Keep reading

Reading Time: 5 minutes

MISRA C/C++ Code Checking

MISRA is the legendary standard against which development teams measure a large portion of today’s software. But exactly what is MISRA, how did it develop, how do C and C++ developers gage standards against it,...Keep reading

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Satisfy Traceability From Jama Requirements to Tests & Code

It’s astonishing how much planning, legal considerations, technical knowledge, and cost it takes to develop and deliver software systems. There are activities or sublayers of practice, like requirements management, testing or verification and validation of...Keep reading

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Automated Web UI Testing: Best Practices, Challenges, & Tools

What Is Automated UI Testing? Automated web UI testing is one more way to shift left quality validation within a development team’s workflow. As with any automated process, it should run without oversight from a...Keep reading

Reading Time: 13 minutes

What Is an Embedded System?

Embedded systems are microprocessor-based computer systems, usually built into a system or product, that have a dedicated operational role. In other words, embedded systems are the hidden “smarts” behind all the devices we use, the...Keep reading

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Payments Battleground: Automating & Integrating Your Testing Environment

Despite the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on the global economy, the payments industry was able to power through the early days of the crises and adjust to rapid changes in consumer behavior, not only weathering...Keep reading

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Best Practices for Using Static Analysis Tools

As any coder and quality assurance tester will tell you, static analysis is a critical part of workflow. In the same way that vaccines require multiple trials, any project requires code quality analysis on multiple...Keep reading

Reading Time: 6 minutes

How to Write Test Cases for Software: Examples & Tutorial

How to write test cases might not seem like such an important part of development. But in order for a software tester to best perform their job, they need a crystal clear set of steps...Keep reading

Reading Time: 10 minutes

What Is IEC 62304 & How Is It Used in Medical Device Compliance?

IEC 62304 is a safety standard for medical devices, and compliance with it is critical to software developers. Whether it’s a doctor, a specialist, or a nurse, healthcare providers depend on medical devices to treat...Keep reading

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Cyber Resilience Means Getting Back to the Basics

In the face of motivated and skillful adversaries, our cybersecurity practices must be solid. They must be reliable and dependable in an increasingly complex cyber world. “We are linked by a mission to take on...Keep reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

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