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How to Automate Testing for Geographically-Distributed Development

Automate and coordinate the process of sharing source code across geographically-distributed teams to make it sustainable. Policies for sharing source code between groups are much more effective when they are enforced using automation. Automation is...Keep reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Input Validation: Immunity Against Web Attacks

By Arthur Hicken – Evangelist / Solutions Architect at Parasoft Imagine for a second that you’re facing a deadly pandemic. You have two choices: Option A: Try to identify and treat every symptom that the...Keep reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Density and Test Overlap for Code Coverage

The concept of coverage density is somewhat related to test overlap. Generally, you want to avoid having multiple test cases test the same functionality (i.e., minimize the test overlap). The idea behind this principle is...Keep reading

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Towards Full Regression Test Coverage

As surprising as it may sound, even complete path coverage does not mean that your code always behaves correctly. If you are using a test-driven development approach (TDD), you will be familiar with the idea of...Keep reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Problem With Path Code Coverage

Why do so few available tools support path coverage? High number of paths The number of possible code paths typically increases exponentially with the cyclomatic complexity of a method. Achieving a high percentage of path...Keep reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Unit Test Coverage Metrics

Independent of the coverage granularity, there are a number of different coverage criteria that take different aspects of coverage into account. The scope of the various coverage criteria will be illustrated using the Java method shown...Keep reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Levels of Granularity in Code Coverage

Code coverage granularity is an important aspect of automated tools that measure code coverage metrics for testing, but not all tools provide the same level of insight into code coverage. To determine the supported level...Keep reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Static Analysis for FDA: 3 Keys to Success

Continuing our series of posts on static code analysis for FDA/medical device software compliance 1. Make Static Analysis Process a Continuous Process Having static analysis tightly integrated into the SDLC as described in last week’s  Static Analysis...Keep reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Static Analysis for FDA: What’s Involved?

In last week’s post, we introduced how static analysis is just one piece of the FDA compliance puzzle. In the next posts, we’ll explore this issue in more detail. We’ll start at the beginning: with...Keep reading

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Medical Device Software Validation & Compliance: A Case Study

Inomed is an international medical technology company that develops nerve protection instruments and systems for precisely targeted patient treatments. Since there is no margin for error in the software driving these innovative devices, Inomed established extensive...Keep reading

Reading Time: 4 minutes

10 Ways to Save Time with Agile Quality Practices

The desire to adopt agile typically comes from within development. After all, agile was created by developers for developers. But without a robust strategy for agile quality that effectively meets the demands of the business, agile teams...Keep reading

Reading Time: 12 minutes

How to Automate Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Automation can make Test-Driven Development (TDD) less painful and more valuable. Learn how to use automation to make TDD a seamless part of the development workflow. Since we’re focused on automating software testing at Parasoft,...Keep reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

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