Parasoft Development Testing Platform is the most comprehensive solution available for meeting automotive standards requirements. Leveraging Parasoft’s broad array of capabilities, organizations reduce the time and effort needed to comply with industry standards and establish a repeatable and auditable software quality process. Parasoft’s policy-driven process ensures that quality is delivered consistently and efficiently and provides real-time visibility into policy compliance.

  • Comprehensive automotive software compliance solution for MISRA and ISO 26262
  • Achieve unparalleled process consistency, visibility, and traceability
  • Leverage policy-driven rule sets based on critical industry standards
  • Accurately and consistently automate verification and validation tasks
  • Consistently apply a broad set of complementary defect detection/prevention practices

Out-of-box Support for MISRA C, MISRA C 2004, MISRA C++ 2008, and MISRA C 2012 Standards

Parasoft’s core static analysis capability provides out-of-the box support for MISRA standards, including:

  • MISRA C 2004
  • MISRA C++ 2008
  • MISRA C 2012
For rapid audit and to promote fast remediation, each violation detected is prioritized, assigned to the developer responsible for the violation, and distributed to his or her IDE with direct links to the problematic code and a rule description.

Automotive Groups Industry Leadership

Parasoft works with industry-leading groups to drive quality into the process of automotive software development.
GENIVI Alliance: Parasoft is participating in the alliance’s evolution of the open source In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) development platform. In addition, Parasoft’s comprehensive development management system helps In-Vehicle Infotainment developers comply with specifications and measure their software products in order to achieve GENIVI compliance and listing.
TUV SUD: Parasoft C/C++test is certified by TUV SUD to be qualified for safety related software development according to ICE 61508 and ISO 26262.  

Achieving ISO 26262 ASIL

Parasoft’s Development Testing Platform helps engineers build quality into their applications. This is accomplished through:

Read our ISO 26262 whitepaper and ASIL whitepaper for a detailed look at how Parasoft addresses ASIL requirements and functional safety aspects outlined in ISO 26262. For a detailed look at how Parasoft addresses the requirements for achieving each SIL safety integrity level as defined by the IEC 61508 standard, see our white paper Satisfying SIL Requirements: Ensure Functional Safety of E/E/PE Safety-Related Systems.

Parasoft's Policy Driven Approach

Policy-driven development bridges business expectations with specific quality practices to ensure that software development teams avoid shortcuts that may compromise reliability, security and performance. Get started by defining business-critical aspects of the application, such as compliance with industry standards, and easily setting your policies in the platform.
Parasoft automatically correlates requirements with automated and manual tests, source code, and development tasks, resulting in unprecedented real-time visibility into development processes, on-demand access to verification status, and bi-direction requirements traceability. Our centralized reporting system documents improvements and tracks status so teams know exactly which tests need to be rerun and which code needs to be re-reviewed.
Aligning software development activities, such as static code analysis, unit testing, peer code review, coverage analysis, and runtime error detection, with your organization’s business goals reduces risks associated with your software development lifecycle. The benefits include increased traceability, accountability, and early defect prevention, which helps you avoid costly recalls, and litigation or damaged market position.