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New tools for API testing, obfuscation announced at Microsoft Build 2017

May 12, 2017
SD Times

Parasoft’s new release on API Testing and Service Virtualization highlighted at Microsoft Build 2017.

Parasoft Enhances API Testing Tool

May 12, 2017

Read about Parasoft SOAtest new release!

Continuous integration with Parasoft SOAtest

May 11, 2017
Embedded Computing Design

Read and learn how to achieve velocity while safeguarding your applications against regressions with Parasoft SOAtest.

The IoT & Embedded Technology Beat: with Marc Brown of Parasoft

April 12, 2017
VDC Research

Please read this interview VDC conducts with Parasoft on IoT and embedded software solutions, products, and state of the market.

Embedded World 2017: Parasoft Brings Service Virtualization to IoT Test

March 17, 2017
Embedded Computing Design

Embedded Computing Design visits with Marc Brown, Chief Marketing Officer and Mark Lambert, Vice President of Products at Embedded World 2017. As test becomes more crucial with safety-critical embedded devices being deployed in an IT fashion through the Internet of Things (IoT), the Parasoft experts explain the benefits of using Service Virtualization in embedded and IoT device deployments.

Tools, Services Supporting Visual Studio 2017

March 08, 2017
Visual Studio Magazine

Parasoft is providing six months of free access to its Virtualize/SOAtest tools for use with VS 2017.

Visual Studio 2017 gets new integrations

March 07, 2017
SD Times

Parasoft announced the release of Parasoft Virtualize/SOAtest Professional Desktop for Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise subscribers.

New benefits for Visual Studio subscribers and Dev Essentials members

March 07, 2017
Visual Studio Blog

Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise subscribers get a 6-month subscription with full access to Parasoft Virtualize/SOAtest Professional Desktop.

Five Minutes with Mark Lambert, VP, Parasoft

March 01, 2017
Embedded Computing Design

Listen to Mark Lambert talk about IoT and how to live in a connected world. Learn how to test in an IoT World.

Revisiting your software development process? Do the right thing.

February 14, 2017
Embedded Computing Design

Read Parasoft Evangelist Arthur Hicken’s article on why it is important to change software development processes for reasons that are tied to specific business objectives.

Parasoft Releases Service Virtualization Free Community Edition

February 14, 2017
Software Testing Magazine

New Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition allows software development teams to test faster without the overhead of writing API stubs and mocks. Learn why and how.

Test anarchy: Deploy and destroy test environments

January 06, 2017
SD Times

Today’s DevTest teams are under pressure to deliver more software faster than ever before. And now that most organizations are relying on software as a primary interface to the customer, compromising on quality to accelerate a release is not an option.
This article explains how DevTest teams can deliver “quality at speed”.

Continuous Delivery Enables DevOps Reality

December 26, 2016

Learn more about Arthur Hicken’s presentation in the App Dev Trends track at this year’s Live! 360 event in Orlando.

Parasoft Updates Development Testing Solution

December 06, 2016
DevOps Digest

Parasoft Development Testing Solution consistently applies software quality practices across teams and throughout the SDLC. Please read the latest news.

Parasoft announces updates to its development testing solution

December 01, 2016
SD Times

Parasoft announced the latest release of Development Testing Platform (DTP)and DTP Engines for C/C++, .NET, and Java (C/C++test, dotTEST, and Jtest)

Say Goodbye and Good Riddance to Software Defects: Parasoft

September 23, 2016
The Silicon Review

Learn from Parasoft CEO, Elizabeth Kolawa, how she explains Parasoft’s focus area is helping organizations to efficiently identify and resolve software defects before they impact end users.

Does your release candidate have an acceptable level of risk?

July 27, 2016
SD Times

Today’s DevOps and “Continuous Everything” initiatives require the ability to assess the risks associated with a release candidate – Article written by Wayne Ariola, Chief Strategy Officer, Parasoft

Does DevOps Improve or Undermine Quality?

April 04, 2016

Continuous testing needs “relevance” so as to not undermine DevOps quality. Otherwise DevOps teams test early and fast, missing key QA needs.

Dev tools for securing your code

March 31, 2016

Static and dynamic analysis can catch vulnerabilities in the development process — before the bad guys can even access your code

Static Code Analysis Tools for Bulletproof Software Security

March 30, 2016
Info-Security Magazine

Learn why static application security testing (SAST) is the most cost-effective way to secure code.

Evolving to Continuous Testing

March 29, 2016

As agile development practices mature and DevOps principles infiltrate our corporate cultures, organizations are realizing the distinct opportunity to accelerate software delivery. However, when you speed up any process, immature practice areas such as testing and roadblocks become much more pronounced.

Rebuilding the NSA

February 05, 2016

Parasoft Evangelist Arthur Hicken comments on the internet of insecure things in this cybersecurity recap.

Parasoft’s Arthur Hicken on software cybersecurity — and his ‘IoT hall of shame’

January 27, 2016

Host Kevin Greene and guest Arthur Hicken, Chief Evangelist at Parasoft, discuss challenges in securing the Internet of Things, and best practices for installing and deploying IoT devices.

Prevent defects in automotive software with three static analysis rule types

January 27, 2016
Embedded Computing Design

As more automotive components rely on software to perform functions, the number of access points continues to grow, This paper discusses how a security defect prevention strategy can prevent defects in automotive software with three static analysis rule types.

SDN provides huge benefits for industry leader

December 17, 2015
ChannelLife NZ

SDN has had huge benefits to the cloud and data center networking as it enables organizations to be truly continuous from the infrastructure layer up.

Guest View: What’s keeping you from Continuous?

November 10, 2015
SD Times

Learn why Continuous Testing is the key to unlocking all the other Continuous paradigms.

The Risks of Measuring Technical Debt

October 22, 2015
CM Crossroads

If your organization measures technical debt, have you really considered why you’re doing this, and what you will do with that information once it has been gathered? Just because you can measure technical debt doesn’t mean you should. Before you start (or continue) measuring technical debt, it’s important to recognize that there are consequences.

Chapman, Parasoft deal to help students

October 05, 2015
The Orange County Register

Chapman and Parasoft recently partnered to support the university’s Software Engineering Program, granting its students access to Parasoft’s tools and products for free. This will allow them to find errors in their code and improve upon it using Parasoft’s analysis tools.

Service Virtualization: Why Bother?

September 14, 2015
Sogeti Labs

Describes the value that service virtualization technology provides organizations and the key frameworks available for implementing it.

Building Up Service Virtualization

September 03, 2015
SD Times

Building service virtualization into your software development life cycle isn’t nearly as difficult as spreading the capability to an entire organization.

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