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Software permeates every level of our existence. We have smart phones, programmable televisions, internet-enabled entertainment units, intelligent cars, and smart cities. As software becomes the interface to how we live, software quality becomes a serious business issue—and this is where Parasoft comes in!

Parasoft Supports Open Source Development Community with Free Access to Parasoft’s Entire Suite of Enterprise-Class Test Automation Software

Monrovia, CA – Parasoft, the leader in automated testing and continuous quality, today announced a new program that will provide software developers working on open source projects with free access to the Parasoft tool suite. The program will enable open source projects to leverage Parasoft’s market-leading enterprise-class test automation software, ranging from deep code analysis, unit ,and functional testing, to performance, load, and security testing. For further details about the qualification process, email opensource@parasoft.com.

Innovationswerkstatt Zuverlässigkeit von Autonomen Systemen


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Parasoft Helps Organizations Increase Software Quality by Automatically Identifying the Impact of Software Changes During Development

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