Justid integrated Parasoft SOAtest and LoadTest into their continuous integration layer.

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Arthur Hicken

Arthur Hicken has been involved in automating various practices at Parasoft for over 20 years. He has worked on various projects involving the software development lifecycle, software security, complex web applications, and integration with legacy systems. Arthur has helped IT departments at Cisco, Vanguard, Motorola, and other major companies improve their software development practices. Arthur taught at the College of DuPage in Illinois, as well as developed and conducted numerous technical training courses at Parasoft.

Larry Johnsen

Larry Johnsen is responsible for ensuring that Parasoft’s automated software testing solutions deliver real value to the enterprises adopting them. His team’s mission is to help customers achieve their goals for delivering software at an accelerated pace, higher quality, and reduced cost. Larry brings 30+ years in the software development and testing industry, including extensive experience as a lead software developer and software project manager.

Marek Pilch

Marek Pilch provides strategic management and operational oversight of the company’s APAC region, and has been managing Parasoft’s Chinese branch in Shanghai since 2012. Pilch specializes in growing partnerships, streamlining operations, raising market visibility, and increasing profitability. After studying Civil Engineering at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow Poland, Pilch joined Parasoft in 1989 as owner and CEO of Parasoft Poland.

Dirk Giesen

Dirk Giesen leads the field teams, inside sales teams, and distributors across the EMEA region. Dirk’s teams target long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with Parasoft customers and help them produce top-quality software consistently and efficiently as they pursue agile, DevOps, compliance, and safety-critical development initiatives.