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Learn how to leverage guided unit test creation to accelerate test creation and reduce maintenance in Spring applications.


Experitest enables organizations to rapidly release better quality digital applications to the market. Its SeeTest quality assurance platform, available as SaaS or on-premise solution, enables web & mobile application testing across a large selection of browsers & real mobile devices, and under real end-user conditions. The SeeTest platform includes test automation, manual testing, and performance testing, and seamlessly integrates into all ALM environments (e.g. Appium, Selenium, UFT, Junit, Jenkins, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Xcode and Android Studio).

Embedded Testing Conference

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Parasoft Jtest Optimizes Time Spent Unit Testing by Reducing Testing Overhead by 50%

Monrovia, CA. - Parasoft, the global leader in automated software testing, announced today the latest release of Parasoft Jtest, a tool that enables users to accelerate and strengthen Java software development by bringing sophisticated automation and analytics to static analysis, unit testing, and code coverage practices. In this new release, Parasoft focused on Jtest's Unit Test Assistant, bringing enhanced features that help users find and fill code coverage gaps by providing quick, easy-to-adopt ways to identify holes and reuse/extend existing JUnit tests to cover untested code.

Leverage the Parasoft Jtest Unit Test Assistant to reduce the amount of time and skill required to create and maintain effective test suites.

Join Theresa Lanowitz from voke as we share how Parasoft SOAtest's new Smart API Test Generator gives testing teams the ability to shift-left their testing efforts with automated API testing.

Learn the basics and more to bring in a manageable, maintainable, and scalable API testing strategy.

Watch as Bas Dijkstra, consultant at On Test Automation, explains how to use continuous testing to keep pace with modern application delivery.