Cisco's Java developers now benefit from automated configurations, fewer errors in their codebase, and a rich integration with the Eclipse IDE.

Learn how to maximize the benefits of microservices while meeting the testing challenges they introduce.

Webinar: Ease the Pain of Unit Testing with Guided Unit Test Creation

Unit testing has clear benefits, and although most development teams realize this, many are frustrated by the effort it takes to create and maintain unit tests. Despite existing tools that try to help, unit testing still requires a lot of manual, time-consuming, and often mind-numbing work before adding business logic to a test. As such, the intentions of great unit testing often break down, and development teams typically do the minimal amount of unit testing required, or skip it altogether.

Leverage automated testing to efficiently test the full scope of your application for mobile and beyond.

Webinar: Demystifying Microservice Testing

Microservices are here, and they’re bringing all sorts of changes to the development and testing worlds. One of the biggest advantages of developing microservices is the ability to develop, deploy, and upgrade services individually, without disrupting the entire ecosystem. At the same time, microservice architectures are introducing new testing challenges, such as understanding how to isolate each component for testing.

Learn about the new SWAMP-in-a-Box (SiB) configuration to provide expanded access to preconfigured static analysis rule sets.