DATPROF is always looking for ways to solve complex data integration problems with simple to use software. We recognize the numerous challenges handling large sets of data within many organizations. Our dedicated team works endlessly to build easy to use, affordable and fast to implement software solutions. We are driven by the great potential of the enormous amount of data that is stored on a daily basis. We want to team up with our customers to ensure they benefit from their data.


Applitools is on a mission to help Test Automation, DevOps and Development teams to release and monitor flawless mobile, web, and native apps in a fully automated way that enables Continuous Deployment. Founded in 2013, Applitools uses sophisticated AI-powered image processing technology to ensure that an app appears correctly and functions properly on all mobile devices, browsers, operating systems and screen sizes. Applitools has more than 200+ customers from a range of verticals, including Fortune-100 companies in Banking, Software, Online Retail, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and more.

In this webinar, learn how to build a testing strategy that identifies defects at multiple layers of your application.

Parasoft Takes More of the Manual Work out of Safety-Critical Software Compliance with New Automated Tool Qualification Workflow

Cisco's Java developers now benefit from automated configurations, fewer errors in their codebase, and a rich integration with the Eclipse IDE.

Learn how to maximize the benefits of microservices while meeting the testing challenges they introduce.

Webinar: Ease the Pain of Unit Testing with Guided Unit Test Creation

Unit testing has clear benefits, and although most development teams realize this, many are frustrated by the effort it takes to create and maintain unit tests. Despite existing tools that try to help, unit testing still requires a lot of manual, time-consuming, and often mind-numbing work before adding business logic to a test. As such, the intentions of great unit testing often break down, and development teams typically do the minimal amount of unit testing required, or skip it altogether.