Parasoft Previews Integrated Service Virtualization, Test Environment Management, API Testing Solution at STARWEST

October 08, 2014

New solution increases testing speed and agility while offering the opportunity to significantly expand test coverage and traceability with Service Virtualization


Monrovia, CA – October 8, 2014 - To help organizations achieve quality at agile speeds, Parasoft is introducing the industry's most complete integration test platform. This new platform, which combines Service Virtualization, test environment management, and API testing, will be previewed October 15-16, 2014 at STARWEST in Anaheim, CA (booth #40).

Parasoft's enterprise-grade solution for end-to-end testing through APIs, message brokers, mainframes, ERPs, and other endpoints has been leading the industry since its introduction in 2002. Now, through integration with Parasoft's award-winning Service Virtualization and test environment management functionality, organizations validating business-critical transactions across today's complex and highly-interdependent systems can dramatically increase testing speed, accuracy, coverage, and traceability.

"The integrated Parasoft solution has allowed us to get great utilization from our testing staff, complete more projects on time, and also save money by lowering the overall total cost of performing those tests for a given release," explained Frank Jennings, TQM Performance Director at Comcast.

"The ability to rapidly develop and continuously execute end-to-end tests—even in complex or frequently evolving environments—is essential to accelerating application delivery while minimizing business risks," noted Wayne Ariola, Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer. "That's why Parasoft allows users to create a simulated test environment in less than a minute, then immediately start defining and executing tests against the appropriate test environment configurations. With the industry's leading technologies for testing, Service Virtualization, and test environment provisioning united in a single intuitive interface, organizations can more rapidly and precisely validate that their applications satisfy business expectations around functionality, reliability, performance, and security."

Learn from Comcast— How to Achieve Faster Time to Market with Reduced Business Risk On October 15, Parasoft is inviting STARWEST attendees to interact with their peers and meet industry experts from Comcast as we discuss the future of software development and testing:

  • Ask questions and share ideas about Continuous Testing, Release and Delivery
  • Explore what fundamental changes will be critical for meeting the challenges on the horizon
  • Learn Comcast’s strategy for increasing the scope of testing and boosting tester productivity– while lowering costs

To RSVP, contact Erika Barron ( or stop by the Parasoft booth #40.

About Parasoft For 25 years, Parasoft has researched and developed software solutions that help organizations deliver defect-free software efficiently. By integrating Development Testing, API/cloud/SOA/composite app testing, and service virtualization, we reduce the time, effort, and cost of delivering secure, reliable, and compliant software. The majority of Fortune 500 companies rely on Parasoft in order to produce top-quality software consistently and efficiently.

Erika Barron
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