New Versions of Parasoft Jtest and Jcontract Enable Developers to Automatically Test Java Software

March 22, 2002
Parasoft to showcase new versions of error prevention tools at JavaOnesm Conference
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Mar. 26, 2002 - (JavaOnesm Developer Conference, Booth #1506) Parasoft, a leading provider of error-prevention software solutions, today announced upgrades of their Java™ testing tools, Jtest 4.5 and Jcontract 1.5. These tools enable developers to automatically test Java applications and prevent errors before they become disastrous. It's no secret that defects found late in the development cycle can be harmful to software applications as well as time consuming and expensive to repair. With the increasing industry concern over software security and reliability issues, the need for tools that can assist developers in reducing and preventing errors in their software is growing. Using Jtest and Jcontract throughout a project's lifecycle can dramatically improve the quality of Java software, allowing developers and IT managers to deliver stable, reliable software on time and within budget. Jtest award-winning technology automates all aspects of the unit testing process including black-box (functionality), white-box (construction), and regression testing. In addition, it automatically enforces over 300 industry-respected coding standards and enables developers to add their own coding standards. New features to Jtest 4.5 include:
  • Support for JavaServer Page™ (JSP™) technology
  • Integration with IBM® WebSphere® Studio Application Developer, Sun Microsystem's Forte™ for Java™ IDE and Together® ControlCenter™
  • Automatic generation of JUnit™ Test Classes and JUnit Test Class templates
  • New static analysis rules, including formatting and JUnit rules
  • CVS source control integration
  • Easier group sharing of test parameters and Jtest configurations
"Jtest helped assure our delivery of a solid, quality product. It located many problems early in the development cycle and saved a lot of debugging time. Jtest support for assertions and contractual programming is especially powerful," said Jtest 4.5 beta tester Scott Reed, Senior Software Engineer at Avacoda, LLC. Jcontract enables Java developers to perform functionality testing at the system level using Design by Contract (DbC). After developers compile a class or component - with the Jcontract compiler, Jcontract automatically checks whether its contracts are violated at runtime. Jcontract is particularly useful for determining whether an application misuses specific classes. It also helps automate functionality testing of Java software, and improves the overall testing of components, such as EJBs. In addition to providing product demonstrations, Parasoft will give away daily prizes to booth visitors. Prizes include copies of the new Jtest and Jcontract along with other Parasoft products. Availability Both Jtest and Jcontract are available for Windows NT/2000/XP, Solaris and Linux. About Parasoft Corporation Founded in 1987, Parasoft is a leading provider of error-prevention tools that help companies improve their software development processes. These tools assist teams working on C/C++, Java, Web and Enterprise applications to significantly reduce costs by shortening development cycles, improving overall quality and reducing time to market. Parasoft is a privately funded company, which has been granted seven patents and numerous awards, including the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Los Angeles, 2001) bestowed on founder and CEO, Dr. Adam Kolawa. Parasoft is headquartered inMonrovia, CA. Telephone (888) 305-0041. URL:
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Erika Barron
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