Parasoft Jtest 5.0 Fully Integrated with Eclipse Platform

February 03, 2004

Latest Release of Parasoft Jtest Includes Updated GUI Redesigned for Intuitive Testing

MONROVIA, CA (February 3, 2004) – Parasoft, leading provider of Automated Error Prevention (AEP) software solutions, announced today that Jtest 5.0, the first development product of its type to automate all aspects of Java unit testing and coding standards compliance, is built on the Eclipse platform and fully integrated into the Eclipse workbench.

Based on the Parasoft AEP Methodology™, Jtest is designed to help developers catch errors early in development and prevent entire classes of similar errors in the future by automating practices such as unit testing and coding standard checking.

"We completely redesigned the Jtest user interface to make testing as fast and easy as possible, and it seamlessly integrates into the Eclipse platform," said Gary Brunell, Parasoft Vice President of Professional Services. "The new version allows developers to test without leaving their IDE."

The Jtest user interface was redesigned to make test configuration, execution and evaluation as fast and natural as possible. New execution options allow developers to test only classes or lines of code modified after a certain date, or to have Jtest automatically run tests at a designated time each day. Jtest’s complete Eclipse integration allows developers to configure and execute tests without leaving their IDE, allowing them to leverage their familiarity with the Eclipse platform.

"Now that Jtest 5.0 is integrated into Eclipse, my preferred development environment, I will save time and increase productivity while producing better software," said Tony Castrogiovanni, Systems Developer for SAS. "I use Jtest for coding standards, unit test generation, test coverage, and both static and dynamic analysis. The new version is even more automated and I plan to use the team interface to share results with other developers and testers on my team."

Jtest is 5.0 available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux and Solaris.

About Parasoft
Parasoft is the leading provider of innovative solutions that automatically identify and prevent software errors from reoccurring in the development and QA process. Developed with Automated Error Prevention (AEP) methodologies, its award-winning, patented solutions enable software development organizations to reduce delivery delays and improve the quality, security and predictability of enterprise applications. Parasoft has more than 10,000 clients worldwide, including Bank of America, Boeing, Cisco, Disney, HP, IBM, Lehman Brothers and SBC. Founded in 1987, Parasoft is headquartered in Monrovia, CA. For more information visit:

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