Parasoft Jtest Wins Second Consecutive InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award

January 03, 2007

Parasoft Jtest Named Best Java Test Tool for 2007

MONROVIA, CA (January 3, 2007) Parasoft Corporation, the leading provider of process improvement for IT organizations, today announced that Parasoft Jtest, a Java code analysis and unit-testing solution, has won the InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award for the second consecutive year. InfoWorld announced the winners on January 2, 2007.

The annual InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award identifies promising technologies that seek to have the greatest impact on enterprise IT strategies. “Parasoft continues to send its Jtest Java testing suite out to hunt down bad Java code,” stated Rick Grehan, Editor of InfoWorld. “Jtest knows that the definition of bad code continues to expand. “

Parasoft Jtest is a comprehensive Java testing solution for development teams building Java EE, SOA, Web, and other Java applications. It promotes a “test early and often” strategy so that quality is built into the code, and bugs are exposed upon introduction—when fixing them requires minimal rework. By providing fast and easy ways to apply a comprehensive set of testing techniques, Jtest gives even the busiest teams a practical way to ensure that their code works as expected.

The recent release of Jtest 8.0 introduced several industry-first testing technologies that help teams automatically verify the functionality of complex, constantly changing enterprise systems, delivering increased customer satisfaction by reducing risks of system downtime and security vulnerabilities. At the same time, teams are now able to find more bugs with their existing resources, thereby increasing productivity while adhering to budget parameters.

Infoworld’s Parasoft Jtest 8.0 Review – “Jtest Continues Its Trek Toward Code-Testing Supremacy”
InfoWorld reviewed Parasoft Jtest 8.0 in the October 9, 2006 issue. The review is available at

Parasoft Jtest is available for Windows 2000 and XP, Linux, and Solaris.

About Parasoft

For 25 years, Parasoft has researched and developed software solutions that help organizations deliver defect-free software efficiently.By integrating development testing, API/cloud/SOA/composite app testing, dev/test environment management, and software development management, we reduce the time, effort, and cost of delivering secure, reliable, and compliant software. Parasoft's enterprise and embedded development solutions are the industry's most comprehensive—including static analysis, unit testing with requirements traceability, functional & load testing, service virtualization, and more. The majority of Fortune 500 companies rely on Parasoft in order to produce top-quality software consistently and efficiently.

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