How Do Teams Measure Non-Functional Requirements?

To explore how SDLC acceleration initiatives are impacting software quality, Parasoft surveyed 780 software development professionals about their views on quality and how they define/measure both functional and non-functional requirements. This video explore the survey’s key findings and what it means for the evolution of “quality” in this era of Continuous Delivery.

As the pressure mounts to release innovative software faster, organizations must have much better control over (and visibility of) how faulty software can impact the business.  Parasoft explored this topic of software quality at speed in a recent DevTest survey about measuring and monitoring non-functional requirements (i.e., system requirements).

Many of the findings were quite surprising:

  • Most Agile teams don’t actually monitor compliance to NFRs
  • Testers “own” quality—especially on Agile teams
  • Contrary to common belief, architects aren’t really in charge of NFRs

We also learned the key characteristic of teams that are (and are not) measuring NFRs and what needs to change as Agile teams adopt DevOps.

For more information and recommendations for closing the gap between business expectations and technical implementation, download the full report: The Business Risks of the Release Pipeline.