Parasoft: Leader in Service Virtualization

Download voke Research's Market Mover Array Report to learn why Parasoft was named the Lifecycle Virtualization leader.

Parasoft: Leader in Test Automation

Learn why Parasoft received the highest score for API testing and test automation in “The Forrester WAVE: Modern Application Functional Test Auto...

Continuous Testing

Learn how Continuous Testing provides a real-time, objective assessment of the business risks associated with an application under development.
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Parasoft Resource Center

Overcoming Software Certification Costs

Learn how Parasoft’s embedded safety-critical solutions can enable your organization with higher levels of test automation, virtual test labs, and broad testing support for both developers and testers, to significantly reduce the cost of developing certified software.

Runtime and Memory Error Detection and Visualization with Parasoft Insure++

This paper provides important information about using Insure++ and valuable insight into how Insure++ helps you diagnose all types of memory issues, including errors during compilation, linking problems, and memory blowout, fragmentation, and overuse.

Rx for FDA Software Compliance

This webinar discusses static analysis implementation best practices for FDA compliance. Topics covered include: the benefits of static analysis and what to look for in an analyzer, how to automate static analysis execution, and how to integrate static analysis within your software development processes.

Driving Risks out of Embedded Automotive Software

Automobiles are becoming the ultimate mobile computer and as such, there is unprecedented need to manage the risks of failure— protecting life and property, avoiding costly recalls, and reducing the risk of ruinous lawsuits. This on demand webinar covers five practical techniques for driving the risks out of embedded automotive software.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Safety, Security, and Reliability for Today’s Software-driven Cars

by Adam Trujillo (Technical Writer)

This infographic addresses the growing surface area that cars of the not-too-distant future, as well as cars on the road today, expose that could be exploited by malicious hackers. The blog post also includes survey data from a recent automotive software webinar.

Ensuring Quality and Security in Your Automotive Infotainment Systems

With dozens of microprocessors and multiple networks and busses, modern connected cars are the ultimate mobile computers. Learn the risks posed by in-vehicle systems, how to assess that risk to your business, and the applicable tools and techniques for ensuring the quality and safety of infotainment systems.

Managing the Risk in Your Automotive Software Supply Chain

The automobile industry relies on a vast, sprawling supply chain to create the hardware and software that goes into each vehicle. Learn how to manage the risk in your automotive software supply chain and ensure the quality, safety and security of downstream components.

Why Internet of Things (IoT) Software Testing Matters

The term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of network-enabled devices, components, or services that publish and/or consume data. The most familiar IoT environment is probably the home automation system in which lighting, security system, irrigation system, etc. can be controlled via a central device, such as a smart phone. But an IoT environment may also enable machine-to-machine communication for safer, more efficient industrial uses, such as a “smart” utility grid or for factory automation.

Embedded Testing eKit

This embedded software testing kit includes a whitepaper, customer case study, and data sheet detailing the features and benefits of Parasoft’s flagship C and C++ development testing solution.

7-Point Plan for Securing Automotive Software

Our automotive software and security experts team up to discuss how to improve embedded software security in the automotive environment. Topics covered include MISRA and ISO 26262 compliance, problem resolution, issue priority and impact management, and more.

Energy: Static Analysis Identifies the Root Cause of Intermittent Erratic System Behavior

by Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer), Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer)

Static analysis helps a leading energy management company prevent the root causes of multiple application failure types—rather than having to discover and remediate the resulting defects late in the SDLC or after release.

Automated Defect Prevention for Embedded Software Quality

by VDC Research (Tech Market Research/Consulting)

This paper from VDC Research discusses the challenges organizations face and provides insight on embedded software practices that can help achieve predictable outcomes and safe functionality.

The Secret to Accelerating FDA Software Compliance

Explore how adopting MISRA software development standards can help overcome the challenges associated FDA compliance

Parasoft Re-Certified by TUV SUD

See Parasoft’s TUV SUD Certifications and learn more about how Parasoft C/C++test achieves these safety integration standards.

Parasoft Embedded Development

Parasoft Development Testing Platform seamlessly integrates into any embedded development environment and automates continuous software quality activities such as Static Analysis, Unit Testing, On Target Testing, Coverage Analysis, Peer Review or Runtime Error Detection. It offers full capability and traceability to comply with Automotive (ISO 26262 & MISRA), Medical (FDA & IEC 62304), Aerospace & Defense (DO 178B/C) Standards, providing software engineers with rich centralized data from diverse infrastructure components.

Achieving MISRA C:2012 Compliance with a Development Testing Platform

by Jason Schadewald (Product Manager), Adam Trujillo (Technical Writer)

This paper covers changes in MISRA C:2012, such as directives and decidablity, and provides strategies for configuring your development testing tools to meet the challenges they present.

DESIGN West MISRA C:2012 Presentation

Parasoft Product Manager, Jason Schadewald discusses MISRA C:2012 live from DESIGN West. He highlights changes in the automotive software standard and discusses how these changes affect organizations moving forward.

Getting Down to Business: Leveraging the Right Static Analysis

Embedded Computing Design by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Arthur Hicken (Evangelist), Adam Trujillo (Technical Writer)

There are different implementations of static analysis that serve different purposes in the development process. The proper implementation of the right technologies is the difference between wasting time and money and reaching new software development heights.

Achieving DO-178C Compliance

by Michal Rozneau (Developer), Adam Trujillo (Technical Writer)

In this paper, you’ll learn how Parasoft’s Development Testing Platform can help you achieve DO-178C compliance by automating policies that specifically address the guideline.

Automotive Software Development Testing and Compliance eKit

Learn about ISO 26262, MISRA and Parasoft’s flagship software development testing solution, C/C++test.

Top 3 Mistakes w/ Static Analysis for Embedded & Safety-Critical Development

EE Catalog by Arthur Hicken (Evangelist), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Learn the top 3 reasons why static analysis initiatives don’t deliver real value in embedded and safety-critical development environments—and get tips for avoiding these common pitfalls.

Introducing C/C++test For Embedded Development

Learn how Parasoft C/C++test reduces the risks of safety-critical and embedded development by automating static analysis, peer code review, unit/component testing, traceability, coverage, and runtime error detection on the host, simulator, or target.

Developing DO-178B/C Compliant Software for Airborne Systems

by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Adam Trujillo (Technical Writer)

This paper covers software development testing guidance outlined in DO-178B/C, including, DO-178B/C background, differences between DO-178B and DO-178C, why policy-driven development testing is central to DO-178B/C compliance, and how Parasoft C/C++test helps achieve DO-178B/C compliance.

ISO 26262 Software Compliance: Achieving Functional Safety in the Automotive Industry

by Marek Kucharski (President Parasoft SA, VP of Dev), Adam Trujillo (Technical Writer)

Read this paper to learn about ISO 26262, its goals, and how to facilitate the software quality tasks for achieving ISO 26262 software compliance.

The Case for Policy-Driven Development: Embedded Systems

by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Adam Trujillo (Technical Writer)

Learn how policy-driven development can help businesses in the embedded systems space overcome the shortcomings of traditional software development.

Software Testing and Quality Trends to Watch

by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Read Wayne Ariola’s predictions re: switching costs, safety-critical compliance, and market-ready software.

SELEX-ES Automated Defect Prevention Case Study

by Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer), Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer)

SELEX-ES wanted to eliminate software defects early in the SDLC. Learn how Parasoft static analysis helped them increase reliability while reducing reduced development time, costs, and resources.

Thales Static Analysis Case Study

by Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer), Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer)

By applying Parasoft solutions to its Integrated Tramway Management Solutionsproject—then later deploying it across the entire Automatic Vehicle Location System division—Thales Italia reduced its rate of defective components by 30% and significantly increased application performance.

How to Leverage Code Analysis Techniques for Your Embedded Project

In this webinar, learn how to achieve better testing results by combining static analysis with different techniques to improve the quality of your code while enforcing standards compliance.

Making Unit Testing Practical for Embedded Development

Electronic Design by Marek Kucharski (President Parasoft SA, VP of Dev), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Explains how to start verifying code as soon as it is completed—even if the target hardware is not yet built or available for testing. With this strategy, the majority of the problems with the application logic are exposed early and target testing can focus on verifying the interface between the hardware and the software.

Inomed Medical Device Testing Case Study

Inomed wanted to streamline the risk management processes they established for IEC 62304 medical device software certification. Learn how they increased efficiency through automation—and also achieved full requirements traceability.

Safety-Critical Development Starter Kit

This eKit introduces proven strategies for controlling safety risks and complying with DO-178B, MISRA, JSF, ISO 26262, IEC 61508 or other guidelines.

Practical Unit Testing for Embedded Systems – Part 2 of 2

Demonstrates how to prepare, maintain, and benefit from setting up unit tests for a simplified simulated ASR module. Learn how to achieve particular goals with unit testing (like a certain level of code coverage) and explore the safety relevance of unit testing.

Satisfying EN 50128 Railway Software Requirements

Outlines how Parasoft C/C++test helps organizations satisfy the requirements for particular SIL levels as defined by the EN 50128 standard (for railway software).

Bovie Medical Device Testing Case Study

Bovie Medical had been using an outside vendor to perform the software validation required for FDA compliance, but they wanted to improve the effectiveness of testing while at the same time reduce testing costs. Learn how Parasoft helped them move verification and validation testing in-house – cutting costs approximately in half and getting to market 6 months sooner.

Satisfying SIL Requirements: Ensure Functional Safety of E/E/PE Safety-Related Systems

Parasoft White Paper

Outlines how Parasoft addresses the requirements for achieving each SIL safety integrity level as defined by the IEC 61508 standard.

Satisfying ASIL Requirements: Ensure the Functional Safety of Automotive Software

Parasoft White Paper

Outlines how Parasoft addresses the requirements for achieving each ASIL safety integrity level as defined by the ISO/DIS 26262 standard.

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