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Agile testing to ensure quality at speed

Test automation is an essential part of a successful agile development practice. Without rapid feedback on the quality of an application, organizations cannot release with confidence to meet their business delivery goals.

Parasoft makes automated testing a reality, enabling teams to get immediate feedback with continuous validation of quality, at each stage of the development process, from unit testing through API testing to UI testing and beyond, ensuring they can efficiently meet both time-to-market and quality requirements.

Parasoft's Solutions for Agile Testing

To benefit most from agile, you need efficient test automation to quickly validate incremental changes and make sure you aren’t building on top of broken functionality.

The now infamous testing pyramid (shown to the right) provides a blueprint for how to build a scalable agile testing strategy. The first step is establishing a solid practice of static code analysis that is effective in preventing reliability and security defects from entering the code base. Next is the creation of a comprehensive foundation of unit tests to ensure good code design and identify regressions at the earliest stage. Moving up the pyramid, API/service-level tests enable fully automated testing of your business logic, and at the top, a minimal number of brittle and expensive end-to-end UI-centric or manual tests.

The earliest place where testing can have a huge impact is when development is writing the first line of code. Parasoft provides deep static code analysis for Java, C/C++, and .NET frameworks, to prevent potential bugs and security vulnerabilities that could lead to detects down the line.

Through this preventative testing technique, organizations can ensure that the underlying code is both secure and reliable from the beginning.

To test at the pace of agile, a solid foundation of unit tests is essential. Parasoft provides tools that help organizations make this first step of the pyramid less expensive and time-consuming.

Parasoft Jtest (for JUnit) and Parasoft C/C++test (for C and C++) make it easier to create meaningful, predictable, and maintainable unit tests, leveraging artificial intelligence and test impact analysis so the team can both achieve high levels of test coverage for the code that really matters, and quickly focus in on areas of risk in the application.

To avoid the inverted testing pyramid, which occurs when organizations try to turn manual UI-driven tests into automated UI tests, look to an “automate-first” strategy that starts at the API/service layer.

Parasoft SOAtest was designed from the ground up to seamlessly test at the service layer (REST, XML, JSON, SOAP, MQ etc), and combines these tests with interactions through different channels of the application (API, Web, Mobile, DB) to provide automated end-to-end omni-channel tests.

In order for your test portfolio to be valuable, in addition to being automated, your tests must be executed continuously. But as you get higher up the testing pyramid, tests become more dependent on systems that are out of your control.

With Parasoft, unit tests can be easily isolated using test doubles (stubs and mocks), and API and UI-driven tests can use service virtualization and dynamic test environments to enable continuous testing.

To modernize your testing practice, it is critical to understand the details of the underlying codebase, ensure all changed code has been tested, and understand where risky parts of the codebase exist.

With Parasoft, you can merge coverage across all of your testing techniques, to give you a complete map of your testing pyramid with traceability down to the specific test case and requirement.

In agile development and testing, you are dealing with constant changes to both your application and other teams’ applications that your application communicates with. This reality can cause test automation to break down when these ever-changing test environments become unstable, and create noisy false positives.

With Parasoft’s integrated service virtualization and environment management features, testers can deploy lightweight virtual services that behave just like the real systems in the environment, to create a predictable test environment that is ready when you are, and enables the creation of tests that focus on just the application changes that are important for your team.

UI testing is essential for validating the customer experience, but the cost associated with maintaining your UI tests takes away from other critical testing practices. As a result, you can get stuck in a never-ending UI test maintenance death spiral.

With Parasoft Selenic, you can reduce maintenance costs associated with UI testing and keep your existing Selenium framework in place. Leveraging AI, Parasoft Selenic gives you automatic recommendations to fix broken tests post-execution, or you can choose to self-heal tests at runtime. Either way, using Selenic enables you to spend less time at the top of the pyramid.

Agile testing

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Reduce the cost of developing high-quality software, without sacrificing time-to-market.

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With Parasoft's automation, we’ve been able to further reduce the rate of escaping defects by about 60-70%. Previously, it took us 3 days to run a regression test suite that consisted of about 500 test cases which primarily covered the highest-traffic transactions. Now, in the same 3 days, we’re able to cover approximately 3500 test cases — and we’re adding 400-1000 new test cases to the suite with each release.

- DirecTV

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Parasoft's cutting edge software testing technologies give you better insights, with more actionable information to help teams assess and prioritize risk. For the most efficient software testing practice that can scale at the rate of agile development, deploy Parasoft and deliver continuous quality at speed.