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AUTOSAR Compliance With Parasoft


AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide development partnership of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and companies from the automotive electronics, semiconductor, and software industry. AUTOSAR developed a standard for modern C++ software development, AUTOSAR C++14, and Parasoft has the broadest coverage of this standard.

Enforcing AUTOSAR Compliance With Static Analysis

Parasoft C/C++test has the best coverage for the AUTOSAR coding standard available on the market, combined with dedicated compliance reporting. This powerful solution helps organizations accelerate the process of achieving AUTOSAR-compliant code, with a reporting framework that helps manage the compliance process and automatically generates compliance documentation, significantly reducing the manual overhead of compliance activities.

How Parasoft Helps Achieve AUTOSAR Compliance

The only practical way to enforce compliance with a coding standard like AUTOSAR is with a static analysis tool like Parasoft C/C++test, and Parasoft C/C++test supports AUTOSAR better than any other code quality tool.

In addition to the mapped AUTOSAR rules, Parasoft’s interactive reporting system can also be customized to the requirements imposed by whichever rules are being used by the team (i.e. AUTOSAR, HIC++, MISRA, etc.) to enable an efficient daily workflow. Developers can check the compliance of their code without leaving their IDEs, and also integrate the scanning process into CI builds on servers.

When cleaning existing codebases, teams benefit from the ability to create compliance policies that define what assures the consistency of the testing practice. In such cases, it is a recommended practice to start with the subset of the rules from the standard, and progressively increase the number of active rules as cleaning of the code progresses. This reporting layer allows you to constantly monitor the progress of your codebase, control the deviation process, and make educated decisions about extending the rule set.

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