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Present and traditional command and control environments were built with systems conceived and established individually to deliver functionality for specific combat functions. The current state of irregular warfare requires the integration of these systems, be they inter-agency or with international allied systems, to provide actionable visibility to better support the mission and deliver protection and firepower to the warfighter.

With such complex and multiplied integrations (which must be expected to experience immense prolonged and sustained cyberattacks), thorough testing at the granular component layer and integration layer is crucial to mission success. Military and defense agencies must harness innovative technologies that will enable them to build software that proactively defends against sustained assaults while quickly responding to the emerging needs of the modern warfighter while responsibly utilizing tax dollars with on time and on budget deliveries.

Address Today's Modern Software Development Challenges

Protect Cyberattacks

Protect against prolonged cyberattacks

Modern military and defense systems must be designed to protect against prolonged and sustained cyberattacks. Security testing starts at the earliest and most granular level of application development and continues through the verifications on the integration layer that systems can withstand a prolonged offensive. Parasoft enables testing teams to quickly and efficiently create extensive functional test suites that can then be leveraged for API penetration testing, so teams can approach security testing earlier and address critical security defects before they are buried deep in the release.

Integrate inter-agency and international systems

Integrate inter-agency and international systems

Today’s systems require integrating multiple systems built by different teams, agencies, and international organizations, and the integration of these individually-built systems requires the seamless integration of previously-isolated systems. Parasoft enables early integration testing, enabling early prototyping of developing systems so that integration engineers can test before all components are available. The resulting integrated systems are more easily delivered on time and on budget, with thorough testing of the communications layer.

Support the constant change of today's requirements

Support the constant change of today's requirements

Adopting agile development practices within long-running defense contracts requires a testing practice that can support constantly-changing and refining business requirements. Parasoft provides a test automation strategy that can be scaled and provide feedback into the development process, leveraging AI and machine learning to enable adoption of these modern methodologies. Streamlining test creation at the development and integration layer enables test teams to easily keep up with agile and DevOps practices.

Parasoft Solutions for Military and Defense

Missing deadlines or delivering software overbudget has far-reaching consequences for military and defense personnel. Delays directly impact the modern warfighter’s ability to meet mission goals, and can ultimately result in life and death situations when needs are not met on time. On budget delivery is of parallel importance, as citizen tax dollars are the fuel of these projects, and pressure from the political sector can result in budget cuts or discarded projects when budget is overreached.

Parasoft takes a test-early-and-often approach to ensuring software quality, security, reliability, and on-time delivery while reducing the risks associated with complex and interconnected mission critical systems. For over 30 years, Parasoft has worked with development and testing groups in government agencies, providing tooling to ensure that application code bases are free of security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and enforcing compliance to security guidelines such as OWASP, CWE, CERT and UL 2900.

An industry leader in static code analysis, Parasoft's static code analyzers for C/C++, Java, and .NET developers enable early-stage testing.

By shifting static analysis into the developer's IDE and providing the most complete support for industry and security standards like CWE, OWASP, CERT, MISRA, and UL 2900, developers are able to remediate defects and security vulnerabilities as they are being written reducing remediation times and costs.

By providing automated, AI-infused unit test creation frameworks, Parasoft makes it easier for developers to thoroughly test their code at the most granular level without sacrificing development time.

C/C++ and Java users alike can leveraging Parasoft's innovative technologies that help teams identify risky code changes and run the necessary tests to mitigate those risks. Developers will spend less time on rework and test maintenance, and reduce overall test redundancies.

Parasoft makes functional test automation easier, with automatic test creation that enables Quality Engineers to quickly create component tests, scenario tests, web UI tests, and end-to-end omni-channel tests without spending time scripting. Parasoft's intuitive approach to software testing helps users increase the thoroughness of their testing practices and focus on testing the business logic of their application.

Parasoft’s web-based reporting and analytics dashboard helps teams easily monitor the health of developing systems. Project managers of mission-critical applications gain unparalleled visibility into what areas of their application have been tested and not tested, across all types of testing techniques. With customizable dashboards and reporting widgets that can be explored dynamically, managers can easily understand the level of compliance to security standards and understand security vulnerabilities and the level of risk associated with each release.

Military and Defense

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Reduce the cost of developing high-quality software, without sacrificing time-to-market.

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Parasoft C/C++test has become the basis for safety-oriented software development at Schaeffler Technologies AG and has been facilitating efficient development and maintenance in times of ever-increasing scope and complexity.

- Schaeffler Technologies AG

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Parasoft enables full automation for cost-effective software delivery. From static analysis to fully-automated test environments, Parasoft provides the automated software testing tools you need to ensure enforcement of compliance as a part of your DevOps workflow, integrated with an analytics platform that streamlines the reviews and audits of software delivery.