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Modernizing toward secure & high-quality government systems

Software is a continuously crucial and growing lens for how communities communicate and interact with the governing bodies of nations. The public demand for easily-accessible information and services in today’s internet economy is ever increasing, but in today's era of cyber-terrorism and hacktivism, the privacy and data of citizens is constantly at risk, and security/privacy concerns are compounded by infrastructure challenges inherent in many existing government software systems, which were built through the integration of outsourced components and legacy systems.

To deliver modern services to the public, government agencies can leverage agile and DevOps methodologies to deliver on the expectations of their citizens. But to benefit from these practices, agencies must address the deep-rooted challenges of their software infrastructure and mitigate associated risks. Parasoft's innovative and easy-to-use software testing technologies provide testing and development teams with the tools they need to deliver on their promise of secure and high quality software.

Address Today's Modern Software Development Challenges


Ensure Security and Quality

Parasoft's secure by design approach to testing enables security testing early and often to test thoroughly and increase the velocity of software delivery. By shifting static analysis into the developer's IDE and leveraging the most comprehensive code analysis for security on the market, government organizations are able to drastically reduce costs associated with defect remediation.

Bridge the Gap

Achieve Agile and DevOps Initiatives

Parasoft helps government agencies deliver on the promise of agile through the adoption of DevOps methodologies that remove common barriers to a streamlined testing process. With Parasoft, the testing roadblocks that commonly arise due to the complication of parallel dev streams can be easily mitigated, helping organizations reduce testing wait times and costs without sacrificing the quality or security of their systems.

Reduce Agency Risk

Reduce Agency Risks

Parasoft provides agencies with visibility and accountabilities into the security and quality of outsourced systems development. A centralized reporting and analytics platform enables project managers and security leads to easily track all types of testing techniques to the codebase (both in-house and outsourced), so teams can easily identify what has not yet been tested and the areas of risks to their systems.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs of Managing Modernized and Legacy Systems

With a shift-left approach to testing and easy-to-use solutions designed to reduce manual efforts and accelerate test creation, Parasoft enables testing teams to spend less time on test set up and more attention focusing on the business logic of the system. This means more thorough testing in less time, at a lower overall cost.

Parasoft's Testing Solutions for Government

Parasoft’s Government division works closely with development and testing organizations in federal, state, and local government agencies, providing strategy-based technologies built to ensure the security, quality, and reliability of applications while mitigating risks and reducing testing costs.

Parasoft addresses the risks to Government system modernization efforts by providing agencies/programs the visibility and traceability to the ongoing state of the quality and security of the software systems being developed by/for them.

To ensure that both internal and outsourced system modernization efforts are developed with a focus on “building in” security and quality, Parasoft provides static analysis security compliance reports for both Java and .NET applications. These compliance reports specifically address status of compliance with OWASP, CWE, HIPAA, and PCI, while aggregating data from functional and non-functional security testing via Parasoft SOAtest.

Parasoft offers the only solution on the market that provides complete support for the OWASP Top 10 for ensuring the security of .NET development.

Parasoft's centralized reporting and analytics dashboard provide real-time, current-state security compliance reports for OWASP, CWE, HIPAA, PCI, and others. Test results from Parasoft's development testing solutions for Java and .NET are aggregated with all other testing practices, to provide complete visibility into the current state of compliance with standards such as OWASP, CWE, HIPAA, and PCI.

Parasoft helps government organizations systematically ensure that outsourced development efforts are on track to meet contractually-obligated Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This includes both functional testing (i.e. Does it do what it’s supposed to do?) and non-functional testing, (i.e. Can it perform under stress? Can it be hacked?).

With out-of-the-box configurations for quality and security for C/C++, Java, and .NET static analysis, as well as functional testing (i.e. API testing, microservices testing, web UI testing) and non functional testing solutions (load and performance testing and security testing) that are designed to efficiently tie together, Parasoft provides the most comprehensive solution for organizations looking to modernize their approach to software development and testing.

A common challenge of outsourced development arises for functional testing teams when an outsourcing vendor is not obligated to deliver service definition files for the delivered application's APIs, preventing them from creating functional tests that touch the codebase without a high level of technical knowledge about how each API functions and an understanding of the expected request/response pairings. This challenge can be detrimental to the agency's ability to adopt automation in a scalable and maintainable way.

To get around this challenge, Parasoft SOAtest's Smart API Test Generator makes it easy for testing teams to quickly create end-to-end API testing scenarios for their RESTful services, even in the case of undocumented APIs. Instead of relying on service definition files or technical request/response pairings, the Smart API Test Generator uses artificial intelligence to understand the full scenario of API calls happening under the hood as a tester takes actions on the webUI. Through this simple plugin, Parasoft SOAtest automatically captures the API calls, analyzes the way the data is being passed from one API call to the next, and creates a complete test scenario at the API layer.

Parasoft's intuitive test data management solution makes it easy to access and use realistic test data without putting real data at risk. To insure no Personal Identifiable Information (PII/PHI) is accessed or used in support of the development and testing of your critical systems, teams can use Parasoft's test data management solution for data synthesis and data obfuscation/masking, with Parasoft's unique environments-based approach to testing.

The e-commerce sites managed by government agencies often use EDI for RFPs, contract award notifications, purchase orders, Health Care Claim Transactions, payments, to request bid packages, and many other documents. This reliance on EDI transactions can he a headache for those tasked with testing end-to-end transactions leveraging these EDI message formats (EDIFACT, HL7, HIPAA and X12).

This challenge is exacerbated when QA teams need to exercise the broad range and volume of test cases needed to accurately determine whether the system is properly processing such transactions. Parasoft SOAtest is designed to ensure that organizations leveraging any of these industry standard message formats can take full advantage of a rich graphical interface when they’re configuring, sending, and validating the messages that drive their business. By insulating the QA tester from the intricacy of the native format, it significantly simplifies the process of validating whether transactions satisfy functional and performance expectations. Moreover, by automating the complete message sending and validation process, it also enables continuous automated regression testing. This ensures that the team is immediately alerted if modifications unintentionally impact the previously-validated application behavior.

With Parasoft SOAtest (for API testing) and Parasoft Selenic (for Selenium testers) Parasoft provides the most comprehensive functional testing suite on the market. Combining API, web UI, mobile, microservices, load testing, and security testing into one solution, Parasoft helps you reduce re-work and boost team efficiency with shared test assets. Designed to snap right into your existing testing infrastructure, Parasoft SOAtest accelerates testing to keep up with agile development by helping testers work smarter, with scriptless testing that facilitates collaboration access dev, test, performance and security teams.

Government Solutions

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Increase security while reducing the cost of developing and testing modernized software systems.

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