Manual Testing

Increase the speed and scope of manual software testing

  • Increase testing speed, consistency, and accuracy
  • Perform change-based testing and requirements-based testing
  • Correlate tests to requirements, code, tasks, builds, and more
  • Track testing across multiple environments
  • Integrated with automated testing and task management

Capture Manual Test Efforts

Parasoft’s web-based manual testing interface can be invoked for any action that truly requires human intelligence or interaction (e.g., user acceptance testing). Developers or testers can define a step-by-step test scenario and then assign this scenario to the related task stored in Parasoft Development Testing Platform. Through manual test reports, you can see a high-level, graphical breakdown of each manual testing scenario: what passed, what failed, and the time taken to complete the tests. You can also drill down to see detailed test steps and notes (for example, a particular test failed at step 8 with a segmentation error).

Each manual step is captured so the complete manual sequence can be easily retrieved, reviewed, and repeated adding consistency and repeatability to a process that traditionally lacks it.

Change Based Testing an Requirements-Based Testing

Parasoft’s change-based testing helps you optimize your testing efforts by identifying and executing only the test cases directly related to your most recent source code modifications. Not having to test the entire system after each modification yields tremendous productivity improvements.

Parasoft’s requirements-based testing aligns testing efforts with business needs. In addition to graphically reporting requirement status as indicated by developers, we trace requirements back to test cases. At a glance, the team can gain an objective assessment of which requirements are actually working as expected, and which still require testing. This real-time visibility into true requirement status helps you prevent late-cycle surprises that threaten to derail schedules and budgets.

Test Driven Development (TDD)

Parasoft supports Test Driven Development with many different capabilities: both automated and assistive. In general, an organization can specify any sequence of development tasks–including writing a test for each requirement–within Parasoft Development Testing Platform. The preferred sequences of tasks are defined as “policy” and Parasoft Development Testing Platform enforces the desired behavior via a process (or exception-based task notification system). In other words, if developers perform the expected actions (as defined by the policy), then the system remains passive and does not bother them. Notifications are generated only when actions don’t align with policy expectations.