Peer Review

Peer review for any language and file type: preparation, notification, tracking

  • Automates preparation, notification, and tracking of peer review
  • Works in concert with automated code review
  • Asynchronous, unobtrusive process—ideal for distributed teams
  • Supports any language and file type, all common dev environments
  • Integrated with collaborative development & testing framework

Review Process Automation

Parasoft automates and manages your team’s workflow for reviewing code and other development artifacts. By pairing static analysis with automated peer review preparation, notification, and tracking, we help you focus on the high-level review tasks that require human intelligence.

New code is automatically identified and matched with designated reviewers, then the progress of each review item is tracked until closure. This allows teams to establish a bulletproof review process where all new code gets reviewed and all identified issues are resolved.

Unobtrusive Workflow

Developers simply check in code as normal (or submit it for pre-commit processes), then review packages are prepared automatically and distributed to the appropriate reviewer’s IDE according to preconfigured reviewer mappings (reviewer-to-author, or reviewer-to-path). Reviewers examine diffs, add comments, and approve or reject the revision.

Flexible Workflow

Post-commit, pre-commit, and hybrid workflows are supported:
  • Post-commit: Automatically identifies code changes in a source repository and creates code review tasks based on pre-set mappings
  • Pre-commit: A review is initiated from the desktop by selecting arbitrary files ready for review, or by automatically identifying all locally-changed source code
Reviews can be moderated or un-moderated, with strict or flexible acceptance models. The review can target all code, or just the most dangerous segments (for example, the areas most critical for security or safety).

Process Monitoring

For a peer review process to stay on track, it needs to be measured and actively monitored. That’s why Parasoft Test automates the process and connects it to Parasoft Concerto’s reporting system—providing objective answers to questions such as:
  • Are reviews being performed?
  • Are identified issues actually being resolved?
  • How is the code review impacting team productivity and application quality?
Reports also provide an audit trail of exactly what was reviewed, when, and by whom.

Beyond Code Review

Peer review is a critical component of a comprehensive quality process . . . but it is just one component. The most effective quality processes involve a combination of test and analysis practices embedded throughout the SDLC.

That’s why Parasoft code review fully integrates with a broad range of complementary capabilities including unit testing, end-to-end functional and load testing, and service virtualization.

For organizations ready to take the next step towards ensuring that quality software is produced consistently and efficiently, Parasoft Development Testing Platform integrates policy-driven project management with Parasoft Test’s Automated Defect Prevention and end-to-end QA testing. This ensures predictable project outcomes while driving unprecedented levels of productivity and application quality.