Policy Management

Parasoft converts business expectations into actionable, measurable development tasks. This helps organizations ensure process consistency while adapting to changing market trends, regulatory environments, and customer demands. As organizations look to accelerate the SDLC, they cannot afford to inject business risk into their application releases. Parasoft’s policy-driven process enables your quality efforts to “shift left”, delivering a platform for automated defect prevention and the uniform measurement of risk.

  • Drives expected behavior throughout the SDLC to promote predictable outcomes
  • Delivers an actionable set of tasks that are measurable through completion
  • Provides the control needed to continuously improve the process of delivering business applications

Policy-Driven Process

Parasoft converts business expectations into measurable tasks and enforcement points throughout the development process. By associating quality practices with defined business objectives, policies assist the development organization to be in-tune with business risk, as well as regulatory and compliance objectives. Parasoft provides access to known industry standards out of the box (e.g., PCI-DSS, OWASP, CWE, FDA, Safety-critical, etc.), as well as delivers a platform for the comprehensive management of non-functional business requirements.

Centralized Policy Application

Parasoft drives any policy or combination of policies your organization needs to comply with, including:
  • Lean development practices: Agile, DevOps, Bi-modal IT
  • Aerospace and Defense: DO-178B/C, DO-278, JSF
  • Automotive: ISO 26262, MISRA, ASIL, SIL
  • Medical: FDA Guidelines, IEC 62304
  • Security: PCI, OWASP, CWE, NIST
  • Process Improvement: CMMI, Six Sigma, ISO 9001, ITIL

Actionable, Measurable Policies

The reactive nature of how management expectations are expressed and measured poses a significant risk to organizations. The lack of a coordinated governance mechanism also severely hampers IT productivity; you cannot improve what you cannot measure.

Parasoft enables you to align business expectations with development activities. You can specify which practices are required, as well as when and how to apply them. Related tasks are seamlessly integrated throughout the SDLC and unobtrusively monitored for compliance.

Policy compliance is measured and reported in real-time for management visibility. Parasoft’s exception-based workflow notifies team members only when policy expectations are not met, enabling developers to complete requirements unencumbered, while ensuring that requirements are not marked as complete until all issues are resolved.

Mature Policy Management Platform

Parasoft is the industry leader in defect prevention–in fact, we wrote the book on it (Automated Defect Prevention, Wiley-IEEE, 2007). With over 27 years of experience working with more than half of the Fortune 500 companies, Parasoft knows how to seamlessly integrate defect prevention into the SDLC–which is key to making it adoptable and sustainable.