AI and Machine Learning in Software Test Automation

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Leveraging AI & Machine Learning

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to be a smarter tester

With tedious and repetitive tasks continuing to dominate software testing, there are many opportunities to apply AI and machine learning to software test automation to help users more rapidly adapt and respond to modern software development challenges. As a groundbreaking innovator in this field, Parasoft continues to add efficiency and intelligence to software testing tools by leveraging these advanced methods.

Address Today's Modern Software Development Challenges

Avoid wasted cycles from inefficient testing practices

Avoid wasted cycles from inefficient testing practices

As organizations adopt test automation, developers and testers often waste cycles and get stuck in the minutia. Use Parasoft tools to handle the minutia for you. For example, with the application of AI, your unit testing tool can, in addition to running and collecting results, also help you write the tests you need and alert you when you need to adjust a test based on changes in the code.

Test smarter and build better tests

Test smarter and build better tests

With today’s modern headless architectures, it’s almost impossible for testers to know how to fully test the underlying APIs. Parasoft leverages AI and machine learning to address this challenge, automatically building meaningful test scenarios by extracting data relationships from recorded traffic and analyzing existing test suites to learn API testing patterns.

Adapt to changing conditions and environments

Adapt to changing conditions and environments

Test automation is critical to ensure the ongoing quality of software deliverables, but tests must be resilient to changing code and operational environments. Parasoft’s testing tool suite helps you manage the impact of ongoing change, critical to accelerating testing in the highly fluid environment common in agile and CI/CD processes.

Smarter Selenium testing

Improve Selenium Testing

With a one-line change to your existing execution script, Parasoft Selenic monitors the execution of your Selenium tests as part of the CI/CD pipeline and, if a test fails, applies its AI heuristics to determine if the failure is due to a real regression in the application, or if it’s just a broken test. If the test is broken, Selenic heals the test at runtime, so the test execution can continue without unnecessarily breaking the build. Excessive test execution times appear in the Selenic report to highlight potential performance issues.

Parasoft's Intelligent Testing Solutions

Applying AI and machine learning to software testing makes software development and delivery easier by enabling users to test smarter. These modern techniques can be used to help automate and reduce tedious tasks, as well as augment and enhance more complex tasks in development and testing.

Read more in the sections below to learn about how we are applying artificial intelligence to software test automation.

Instead of just repeating what the user is doing, as you get with simple record-and-playback testing, Parasoft SOAtest helps you create advanced tests with less effort, with its Smart API Test Generator plugin for Chrome.

By extracting and analyzing patterns from recorded traffic, SOAtest is able to create a comprehensive data model of observed parameters and apply learned patterns from other API tests to automatically generate automated API test scenarios and help users create more advanced automated test scenarios. The resulting automated API tests are more complete, reusable, scalable, and resilient to change.

As an application changes, the test suite that validates the application also needs to be updated to take into account that change. Changes to an application's UI or API contract are often small, but the impact of change across a comprehensive test suite is often monumental. Parasoft SOAtest’s Change Advisor applies AI to streamline the process of understanding the impact of changing APIs, and applies machine learning to reduce maintenance efforts by automatically refactoring the test suite. For UI testing, Parasoft Selenic applies its AI to identify and recommend alternative locator strategies to handle changes in an application's UI.

Most test automation tools run tests for you and deliver results, but they don’t know which tests to run, so they run all of them or some predetermined set. Parasoft’s AI-enabled analytics go much further, correlating the current state of test results, recent code changes, code coverage, and other metrics, automatically deciding which tests to run, and then executing them with a simple click, or as part of the automated CI process. Bringing in decision-making that’s based on changing data is a good example of applying AI to replace the developer/tester in lower-level decision-making, with huge benefits to the efficiency of your CI/CD pipeline.

Parasoft Jtest’s IDE plugin adds automated creation to the unit testing practice with easy one-click actions for creating, scaling, and maintaining unit tests. By using this AI-enabled tool, users can achieve higher code coverage while dramatically reducing the time and effort required to build a comprehensive and meaningful suite of JUnit test cases.

To make it easier to create stubs and mocks for isolating the code under test, Jtest analyzes the unit under test to determine its dependencies on other classes, and when instances of these dependencies are created, it suggests mocking them to the user to create more isolated tests. This helpful automation reduces the effort of one of the most time-consuming parts of test creation.

Service virtualization addresses the challenges of unstable test environments, due to unavailable or uncontrollable dependencies, but it is impossible for a tester to know, or capture, all the data scenarios up front. Parasoft Virtualize leverages AI to derive data models from captured transactions and then applies machine learning, using those models to learn the data scenarios in real-time as it observes different usage patterns from within the test environment.

AI and Machine Learning in Software Testing

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