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Low-Code Application Testing

Achieve Continuous Testing of Low-Code Applications

Deliver Exceptional Applications

Testing enterprise applications built using low-code platforms can be complicated and need an in-depth approach due to their complex configurations. Parasoft solutions automate end-to-end testing for Salesforce, Guidewire, SAP, ServiceNow, OutSystems, and similar low-code development environments, handling the intricacies of these platforms with ease and reducing testing time and costs.

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Supported Platforms

Automate Testing for Low-Code Applications

Achieve ROI Goals

Your business has important ROI goals associated with the investment made in low-code development platforms such as Salesforce and Guidewire. It’s up to you to ensure your team creates successful applications using good tools and processes. Parasoft solutions uniquely provide the capabilities you need to reduce the time, effort, and maintenance costs associated with enterprise application testing.

Save Time and Effort

When testing applications built using low-code platforms, you want to get it done as quickly as possible with minimal effort. Test automation is more efficient and scalable than manual testing, but UIs built with platforms such as Salesforce, SAP, and Guidewire have multiple frames and hidden elements that make it difficult to create stable and reusable UI tests. Parasoft solutions streamline UI testing to improve test execution, feedback, and maintenance.

Simplify Testing With AI

To consistently ensure the quality and performance of low-code applications, which continue to grow in complexity, testing must be a top priority. Test automation enhanced with artificial intelligence simplifies the process of creating comprehensive test scenarios. Parasoft’s AI-powered solutions provide in-depth functionality for technical users while also reducing the complexity of end-to-end functional and non-functional testing for less technical users.

Quickly Create Selenium UI Tests

Most teams start by manually testing the UIs of their low-code applications. While manual testers can efficiently verify primary application functionality, test automation is best suited for ongoing checks for regressions in changing UIs. With a simple Chrome plugin, Parasoft records manual UI interactions and builds pure Selenium tests using the Page Object Model for maximum ongoing maintainability.

Expand Test Coverage

To maximize test coverage and reduce risk for application deliveries, go deeper with API testing. Parasoft assesses your system’s internals by simultaneously capturing API calls during web UI recordings. Parasoft’s AI constructs the traffic captured into a dynamic API test scenario for both component and integration tests that are more reliable and maintainable, increasing your test coverage and delivering faster feedback on the quality of the application.

Control the Test Environment

Your application isn’t an island. It may receive data from other corporate systems or other applications may be dependent on data from the low-code platform. Connections to/from these platforms behave like a black box and application testing can easily be delayed if you’re unable to verify the interactions between these systems. Ensure that you can complete your testing on schedule by simulating any unavailable systems and services using service virtualization.

Test From End to End

With Parasoft’s integrated suite, you can create end-to-end tests across web UIs, APIs, web services, ESBs, and mainframes. End-to-end testing spans the workflow from the user’s perspective, validates the various user interfaces, and verifies the flow of information between the enterprise application, marketing platform, network, and firewall. Reuse the same test cases for nonfunctional testing for load, performance, and security.

Parasoft Low-Code Application Testing

Use automation and AI to accelerate low-code application testing and achieve your business goals with Parasoft’s industry-leading solutions.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Parasoft Selenic creates pure Selenium tests that include application-specific locator and wait condition strategies. Self-healing ensures that test execution can proceed even when UI changes have occurred.

Codeless API testing is the most efficient way to maximize test coverage for your applications built in low-cde platforms. Parasoft’s smart API test generator automates the creation of application-specific test scenarios for both functional and load testing.

Comprehensive testing for low-code applications often involves connecting to external services. Parasoft Virtualize enables you to keep testing by simulating any API you don't have access to or control.

Where Is Low-Code Application Testing Used?

Nearly every industry creates and manages at least one low-code application to engage with their customer base, in addition to the software behind the scenes that runs their business. Both frontend and backend applications are critical for digital transformation and must meet user expectations for quality and on-demand operation. Low-code application testing addresses the challenge of delivering scalable, reliable software in complex environments.


Financial organizations strive to create a first-rate experience for financial service customers while also managing the complexities of diverse product offerings and infrastructure. Unlock the power of your applications with confidence that they will satisfy both client and business expectations. Maximize test coverage and reduce risk with a solid testing strategy that identifies potential issues before they become a problem in production code.

Hospitality & Travel

In one of the world’s largest industries, travel and tourism applications are expected to be reliable, secure, and scalable, while also providing a positive personal experience. Ensure that your software achieves those goals by doing thorough testing throughout the development process. Integrate your test strategy into your agile workflow so you can quickly address defects and improve software quality.


Telecommunications companies must provide a high level of customer service through their online applications, managing user profiles and account details without error. To manage the ever-growing customer database in your CRM, your software must connect reliably to backend services and behave predictably. Implement multi-level testing across the application’s environment in order to verify that your application always operates correctly under any conditions.

Retail and e-Commerce

Your customers want a seamless shopping experience when they use your retail and e-commerce applications. Engage them with a high-quality digital presence that also protects their sensitive information, validated with thorough low-code application testing. Smarter testing improves your time-to-market while driving down cost, risk, and effort.


Like many other businesses, government agencies need to develop, test, and release enterprise applications. Unlike the private sector, mission-critical programs require a higher level of security even while working with third-party contractors on software development. An automated testing strategy that spans multiple levels will ensure your government applications operate as expected and comply with internal requirements.

Healthcare & Insurance

Numerous diverse applications handle patient management and backend processing for healthcare and insurance organizations. Employees and patients need high-performance tools to manage all aspects of medical care. Low-code application testing helps you deliver a superior digital experience that provides access to exactly the right information at the right time.