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In the insurance and healthcare industries, organizations are under constant threat from competitors looking to disrupt the market with new technologies and user experiences. Companies must innovate to retain their competitive advantage, but must manage this innovation while maintaining stability with established legacy systems that are at the core of their business.

Parasoft provides the software testing solutions you need to innovate while contending with the complex legacy of your business, testing industry-specific formats (such as EDI X12) and services while adhering to industry-specific compliance regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, PII, PHI).

Address Today's Modern Software Development Challenges

Legacy systems that are stifling innovation

Legacy systems that are stifling innovation

The industry is undergoing a digital transformation to migrate functions off legacy backend systems (i.e. mainframes, external 3rd-party systems, large databases) that are costly to run and hard to access, but innovation is still being roadblocked by system access. To unblock the organization, Parasoft’s service virtualization technology provides users with access to legacy systems, enabling teams to rapidly get a simulated service up and running, regardless of the complexity.

Reliance on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Reliance on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Many industries rely heavily on EDI transactions to exchange business documents quickly and securely, but whether it’s an 834 Enrollment message for healthcare or an ANSI X12 EDI Financial Document, teams struggle to test these systems due to the complexity of the format and communication with the system itself. Parasoft SOAtest’s integrated EDI functionality supports all of the dialects, versions, and message types available, enabling you to quickly create test clients that are semantically correct and easy to drive with external data sources.

Getting access to safe and realistic test data

Getting access to safe and realistic test data

Compliance initiatives make using actual data from production infeasible and illegal, creating challenges between testers and test data management teams as they incur significant delays primarily attributed to "waiting for data." Parasoft helps testers solve this challenge with a safe and reliable method to capture, model, mask, and generate complex data. Testers and developers can access a self-service test data interface, create the data they need, and use it for their test cases and virtual services, reducing total wait time and allowing for more complete testing.

Parasoft Solutions for Healthcare and Insurance

With new compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PII, PHI and GDPR, organizations are struggling to balance agility in software delivery while maintaining compliance with these regulations.

Automation is the key for ensuring cost-effective compliance. From static analysis to fully-automated test environments, Parasoft provides the automated software testing tools that you need to ensure enforcement of compliance as a part of your DevOps workflow, integrated with an analytics platform that streamlines the reviews and audits of software delivery.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is widely used to communicate machine to machine in a formal format with partners, for sending and receiving documents such as 834 enrollments. Messages can be exchanged over the wire or as simulated file drops an reads. Parasoft SOAtest supports AL3, CARGO, EANCOM, EDIFACT, EDIGAS, HIPAA, HL7, IATA, NCPDP, TELCO, TRADACOMS, and X12 standards, simplifying the use of EDI (which is often difficult to read) by allowing you to utilize XML.

With SOAtest, you can model your EDI request payload as an XML document, and the client then automatically converts the XML to EDI before sending the message. If the server returns an EDI message, the client can convert the message to XML so it is easier to consume and manipulate.

Mainframe services are often tightly integrated with customer profile workflows and are required for testing the open systems. These mainframe services hold the critical data needed for complete end-to-end scenario testing. Parasoft SOAtest enables testing of these mainframe services directly from open systems using common communication protocols such as MQ, TCP, DB2 as well as providing payloads in Cobol (copybook) and Fixed Length formats.

Parasoft’s simplified automation workflows and integrations enable teams looking to modernize into continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). Parasoft enables teams to get immediate feedback with continuous validation of quality, at each stage of the development process, ensuring they can efficiently meet both time-to-market and quality requirements.

Parasoft’s integrated solutions for C/C++ and Java development testing provide a unified approach to software testing. With IDE and CI/CD integrations, Parasoft users can integrate unit testing into the software delivery process in an automated way. In addition to standard unit and integration testing support, Parasoft’s smart technologies increase efficiency by leveraging modern techniques and advanced analytics.

Parasoft users can bake security into their development process from the beginning by automatically checking code directly from the IDE to ensure that it’s compliant with industry and government regulations such as CWE, CERT, or OWASP.

Parasoft SOAtest helps teams prevent security vulnerabilities through API penetration testing and execution of complex authentication, encryption, and access control test scenarios. By leveraging already-existing functional tests for security scenarios, teams can approach security testing earlier, and address critical security defects before they are buried deep in the release.

Because your customers navigate your services for major life events, it is vital to provide consistent and reliable access to these platforms, ensuring that your applications are defect free and intuitive. You can validate your customer experience at the UI level using Selenium enhanced with Parasoft Selenic. Going beyond UI testing, Parasoft SOAtest supports end-to-end omni-channel test scenarios. The Parasoft solution enables you to continuously test your applications, from mobile to API to UI to performance to security, identifying critical defects before they reach production and protecting your brand.

Parasoft SOAtest enables users to efficiently leverage existing API and web UI functional test scenarios for non-functional testing. With a few clicks, you can construct and run a performance test or security test based on it, enabling a true shift-left testing strategy by facilitating early stage non-functional testing as soon as the interface is available. You can then create rich multi-profile performance test scenarios to further scale your performance testing solution across multiple machines. Unlike any other vendor, Parasoft enables automated penetration testing part of the automated CI process.

Healthcare and insurance industries have the highest rates of integrations with 3rd-party services (i.e. Facets, TSYS, CVS, Salesforce, etc.), which can cause bottlenecks in your test ecosystem. Parasoft users can leverage test environment simulation to decouple from these 3rd party services and test unconstrained.

Healthcare and Insurance

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Reduce the cost of developing high-quality software, without sacrificing time-to-market.

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Testing EDI Messages During Functional and Load Testing

Testing EDI Messages During Functional and Load Testing

Leverage a rich UI to configure, send, and validate messages during functional and load testing, to make it easier to test EDI (EDIFACT, HL7, HIPAA, X12) and other industry-specific message formats.

Parasoft is the only company we found that could meet our demands for Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM) and the latest Web testing security support. Parasoft SOAtest has an easy-to-use interface and a complete set of service testing tools which has allowed us to validate our services in a much shorter time frame than by manually executing tests.

- First American Corporation

Why Parasoft?

Parasoft enables full automation for cost-effective software delivery. From static analysis to fully-automated test environments, Parasoft provides the automated software testing tools you need to ensure enforcement of compliance as a part of your DevOps workflow, integrated with an analytics platform that streamlines the reviews and audits of software delivery.