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Complete automated software testing for IoT devices and systems.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up new and insightful ways to connect devices, consumers, and business together in ways never thought possible. Ensuring the success of your IoT projects, however, is tricky – your applications, services, and devices need to work as expected, work in combination with each other, and work within existing and evolving networking infrastructure. Combining code-level and protocol/message-level testing practices with virtual test environments, Parasoft provides a complete solution to ensure reliable, scalable, and secure IoT initiatives.

Learn how to solve testing challenges associated with IoT architectures and effectively adopt an end-to-end approach to IoT system verification.

Test the Device

Once your IoT device is deployed into the ecosystem, you cannot consistently rely on over-the-air (OTA) updates to patch security holes or fix reliability issues. Therefore, building quality into an IoT application starts with deploying robust code on the device itself. Parasoft provides static code analysis to enforce industry best practices, enabling you to secure the code as it is being written and avoid the pitfalls that result in unreliable embedded devices. Parasoft's unit testing tools help you efficiently test and isolate the device code, while code coverage gives you visibility into the parts of the code that have been tested, helping you build a solid foundation for your IoT system.

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Test the Application

IoT devices bring about an explosion of APIs.

IoT devices communicate back to centralized hubs and up to the cloud through APIs, which are notoriously difficult to test because they often don't have a user interface, such as a pacemaker or brake system. This challenge also presents significant business risk because often this communication is occurring between systems and applications that are developed by different entities (e.g. a robot arm on a shop floor communicating to an inventory management system). As a result, consumers can leverage your APIs in ways you did not intend, exposing significant risk if those APIs are not bulletproof. Parasoft SOAtest helps teams thoroughly test their APIs across a wide array of message formats and protocols (including MQTT, Websockets, and AMQP/RabbitMQ), to validate message integrity, performance timing, and security vulnerabilities, and enable IoT API developers to find and quickly fix vulnerabilities earlier in the development process.

Simulate the Test Environment

Leverage on-demand virtual test labs.

From an architectural perspective, IoT ecosystems present significant challenges. Devices communicate with services that are highly decoupled from each other, and developing a working system in this fluid environment is difficult because of new or evolving components, pay-to-play APIs, and systems that are outside of your control. Simulation allows developers and testers to build virtual test labs that contain all of the necessary dependent components – before the real world is available – providing full control of the test environment and allowing the team to test earlier and more completely.

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"Parasoft gives us the possibility to rapidly implement APIs with a higher quality. This makes the IT services organization more agile and able to respond to the business demands that Siemens faces."

- Stefan Potzel, Siemens

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