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Smart Test Execution

Accurate Test Impact Analysis Identifies Defects Faster

Parasoft Smart Test Execution

You can’t — and don’t have to — run your entire test suite and test everything, every time your build changes. Smart test execution with test impact analysis leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to selectively target only changed code. You save time and effort — and get quicker feedback.

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Easily Manage Testing for Changes With Smart Test Execution

Get Results Faster With AI

AI-enhanced internal modeling tracks the relationships between tests and the underlying code. The model is then applied to perform test impact analysis (TIA), which delivers faster and smarter test execution for Agile development practices.

Test Smarter

Instead of spending hours executing thousands of tests against each build, creating bottlenecks in the process, smart test execution scans through your application for changes in the underlying code and runs the appropriate tests to only validate the new or changed code.

Optimize All Your Automated Tests

Test impact analysis collects information about which code is exercised by which tests, and applies that information within your development framework for all your automated tests from unit to API and UI.

Use Your Framework

Work within your existing JUnit and Selenium testing framework. Parasoft does not lock you into a proprietary platform to enable smart test execution.

Leverage AI

Internal modeling tracks the relationships between tests and the underlying code. The model is then applied to perform test impact analysis on new or modified code to provide more intelligent and targeted test automation. The result is more focused and accurate test execution with test impact analysis.

Test Continuously

Smart test execution seamlessly integrates into your CI/CD pipelines. Access a continuous, real-time view into code failures so you can prioritize bug fixes. Code that is thoroughly tested prior to check-in is more stable.

Parasoft Smart Test Execution

Parasoft’s suite of smart execution tools delivers faster and accurate testing feedback for your CI/CD pipeline.

API testing is the most efficient way to automate verification of your application's business logic. Streamline your test flow by running only the tests associated with code changes as determined by test impact analysis.

Efficiently adopt and integrate a JUnit testing practice into Java software development pipelines. Access accurate results from test impact analysis earlier and faster.

Reduce the time for .NET test execution by identifying which unit tests align to changed code and automatically running just the tests needed to validate code changes.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Selenic delivers test impact analysis with regular Selenium tests instead of locking users into proprietary platforms.

Where Is Smart Test Execution Used?

Today’s software organizations adopt Agile development methods to push out incremental software updates, faster. Every time you release, you need to test, which becomes a burden as your accumulated test suites multiply. Fast releases demand a smarter approach to testing. They need smarter test execution.


As the industry continues to push the envelope with new ways of doing business, it must also deal with the scourge of cyberattacks and increased competition in an already competitive market. A dual focus on security and innovation requires intelligent test execution integrated into the Agile DevOps pipeline.

Retail & e-Commerce

As online shopping becomes an increasingly and highly competitive part of retail, the industry must develop software that seamlessly integrates e-commerce and the brick-and-mortar experience while gaining a leg up on inventory and backend operations. Testing smarter empowers smarter code development.

Healthcare & Insurance

Smart test execution in the healthcare industry needs to be thorough and accurate. As critical services and APIs change, code needs to be tested and tested again for potential failures. Test impact analysis helps teams test more strategically and efficiently.


As the telecom industry makes room for technologies such as 5G and the Internet of things (IoT), it must do so by working in an Agile software development environment. Test impact analysis enables faster — and smarter — software development.


Software development for government is a complicated beast. As it modernizes, it must do so while following a host of regulations and working with legacy systems. Incorporating smart test execution helps teams become more strategic about the testing process, saving precious time and money.

Hospitality & Travel

In an industry driven by personalized experiences, the competition to win over customers is fierce. Test impact analysis ensures hospitality software meets customer expectations while maintaining Agile practices in the development cycle.