Continuous Testing

Parasoft Continuous Testing helps organizations rapidly and precisely validate that their applications satisfy business expectations around functionality, reliability, performance, and security. Even novice team members can configure and provision a complete test environment, then immediately execute tests against the appropriate test environment configurations.

  • Anytime, anywhere access to complete, realistic test environments by simulating constrained dependencies (APIs, services, databases, mainframes, ERPs, etc.)
  • Forrester Wave leading API/service unit testing, end-to-end functional testing, load/performance testing, and security testing
  • On-demand provisioning of “disposable” test environments that allow tests to run continuously and simultaneously


Non-Profit: Service Virtualization Provides Cloud-Based Access to a Highly-Restricted Govt. System

Learn how Service Virtualization provides continuous, secure access to a highly-restricted government system behavior that is critical for completing thorough end-to-end tests against an education portal application.

Financial: Service Virtualization Removes Test Data Management Bottlenecks for Agile

Learn how Parasoft Virtualize enables a financial organization to reduce the lengthy wait time for accessing test environments configured with the appropriate test data.

Service Virtualization Retail Case Study: Continuous Testing for DevOps

Learn how service virtualization enabled the world's second-largest retailer to continuously execute automated tests involving core purchase functionality—despite unstable downstream components, asynchronous responses, and 3rd-party service constraints.

Service Virtualization Computer Technology Case Study: Using SV + Cloud-Based Test Environments to Increase Agile Velocity While Controlling Defects

A leading PC vendor transitioning to Agile wanted to start testing each user story as soon as it was completed, but lacked the required on-demand, flexible access to realistic test environments. Learn how service virtualization helps them simultaneously spin up all required test environments—all with extremely specific test data, response logic, and performance conditions.
Service virtualization -functional test environment

Service Virtualization Overview

Parasoft Service Virtualization helps development and QA teams access the complete, realistic test environments needed to develop or test an application—anytime, anywhere. Testing is often delayed or cut short because it's difficult to access the complete, realistic test environments required to test meaningful transactions. By replacing unavailable dependencies with easily accessible and configurable "virtual assets", service virtualization allows teams to start testing earlier, test more completely, and test continuously.
  • Capture and simulate live system behavior from recording
  • Rapidly model incomplete/unavailable components from service definitions and logs
  • Easily configure complex test conditions (e.g., “what-if,” security, concurrency, fail-over, performance, and negative test scenarios)
  • Simulate any system interactions—supports REST & web services, plus an industry-leading 120+ protocols/message types
  • Get the exact test environment you need, on-demand

API Testing

Parasoft API Testing provides unprecedented test automation to help testers ensure the security, reliability, and performance of transactions across modern business systems. From a single intuitive interface, it automates "end-to-end" test scenarios across multiple endpoints (APIs/services, databases, Web UIs, ESBs, mainframes…). Beyond robust support for REST and web services, the solution supports an industry-leading 120+ protocols/message types.
  • Integrate functional/load/security testing with test data management, service virtualization, and defect prevention
  • Generate extensible, reusable, easily maintainable tests with 100% coverage
  • Automate continuous regression testing with sophisticated validations
  • Construct advanced end-to-end test scenarios combining tests for the web layer, API layer, mobile application, etc. into a single integrated scenario
test environment management diagram of public API

Test Environment Management

Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform (CTP) integrates and extends the above API testing and service virtualization capabilities via an intuitive web-based interface for creating, managing, sharing, and executing test environments (including service virtual assets) and tests. Environment Manager (a component of CTP) unites test environment management (test environment setup, visualization, validation, and provisioning), service virtualization (virtual asset creation, configuration, and deployment), and API testing (test creation, management, and execution).
  • Visualize the dependencies associated with an AUT and specific test environments
  • Easily configure all test environment components—including virtual asset performance, test data, and response logic
  • Instantly provision "disposable" test environments with zero impact to the organization
  • Identify test environment issues before they compromise the accuracy of your test results
  • Assess the impact of a change to any specific component

Test Data Management

Centralized creation and management of secure test data that can be applied across all solutions and integrated tools (including open source tools), as well as across team roles and test types (API/service, integration, performance, security…)
  • Capture request and response traffic and reuse the data for subsequent scenarios.
  • Import data from multiple sources and leverage it across test and service virtualization artifacts.
  • Ensure that the data can be reused and shared across multiple teams, projects, versions, and releases.