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Data Management

Use data simulation to increase test coverage and make your environment more predictable.

Parasoft’s test data management technology extracts data from existing systems so you can quickly manage, mask, model, and generate additional data. With Parasoft’s self-service interface, you can easily re-use test data during functional testing and service virtualization, reducing the time you spend doing test data management.

Address Today's Challenges of Acquiring Realistic Test Data

Reduce time spent waiting for test data

Reduce time spent waiting for test data

Parasoft’s test data management solution helps organizations reduce time wasted waiting for data. Users can quickly build meaningful test data by capturing, masking, and repurposing realistic test data from interactions between components in their existing system, and build intuitive data models that can be shared and controlled directly by testing teams, enabling simplified synthetic test data generation.

Reduce the complexity of data stewardship

Reduce the complexity of data stewardship

The process of procuring, owning, and securing test data is both a requirement and a liability for organizations. You need test data to achieve a high level of test coverage, but gaining proper test data can be a liability because sensitive data can be misused and leak out beyond the organization, presenting financial and legal challenges. Parasoft provides organizations with a maintainable way to procure the amount of data they need while keeping it safe.

Reduce the risk of compromising test data

Reduce the risk of compromising test data

The easiest way to collect realistic data is from production, which will have the right shape and characteristics but can contain sensitive customer information that could easily be compromised. To protect the organization, Parasoft captures and secures that data, and then generates new data that is safe to use without compromising the original data.

Parasoft's Modern Approach to Test Data Management

Parasoft’s self-service web portal enables multiple team members to access, manage, model, and generate the right test data for their needs.

Parasoft’s test data portal is integrated directly with Parasoft SOAtest for functional test automation and Parasoft Virtualize for service virtualization, enabling users to take generated test data and use it in their tests, making it available through virtual interfaces, whether it’s a REST service or a virtual database. Using Parasoft, organizations can take control of their test data challenges with a scalable workflow to provision just the right data at the right time.

Users can navigate, edit, and manipulate their data structures in Parasoft’s thin-client interface to reduce the amount of time spent looking for the right data.

Built on top of a lightweight data storage mechanism, Parasoft’s test data management solution lets you share and access data from a remote repository, where it can be easily managed, manipulated, and used in test cases and virtual services.

Parasoft enables users to alter the shape of complex hierarchical data (add/remove occurrences, exclude parts of data, etc.) all without having to update the a database schema or service definition.

Model data objects and generate new data quickly. Create data on the fly for your test cases and virtual services, and free up a your reliance on a centralized data management team.

Data masking/obfuscation secures test data to make it usable in test environments, and helps users leverage production data by securing the data after recording.

Users can augment their existing service virtualization strategy with flexible test data that automatically builds meaningful models by simply creating virtual services.

Leverage data sub-setting to carve out specific data sets from newly abundant data available, reducing overall data storage required by selecting just the data that’s required. Generate, subset, then destroy.

Test Data Management

Benefit from the Parasoft Approach

Parasoft makes it easier to acquire realistic data for software testing.

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Why Parasoft?

Parasoft's unique and modern approach to test data management simplifies the acquisition and management of realistic data for software testing. Users can easily manage, mask, model, and generate data on-demand, eliminating the need to wait for data and broadening the practice to more team members. An extra bonus? With a self-service interface, you can easily re-use test data from functional testing during performance testing, security testing, and in your virtual test environments, reducing the time spent doing test data management.