Unit Testing

Unit Testing Tools Ensure
Robustness of the Code Base

Thorough Unit Testing for Error-Free Code

Whenever you change code in any way, you need to ensure that the new code works as it should and that it does not negatively impact existing functionality. Parasoft’s unit testing capabilities ensure that the code is error-free, meets coverage targets, and complies with functional safety and security standards.

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Increase Code Quality With Unit Testing

Test All Use Cases

Improve code coverage with tests that handle many different use cases. Parasoft’s automated unit testing tools test code for both expected and unexpected inputs ensuring that it behaves the way it should, no matter the external conditions.

Test Comprehensively

Achieve comprehensive structural code coverage. Parasoft unit testing tools help teams developing both enterprise and embedded applications thoroughly test code, and achieve code coverage goals. For safety-critical development, Parasoft's unit testing tools cover all coverage types from statement and branch to MC/DC and object code.

Accommodate Code Change

Efficiently analyze code changes so you can quickly zero in on test cases that need to be modified and re-executed.

Isolate the Code Under Test

Isolate the unit to be tested with Parasoft's automated stubbing framework and mocks in cases where the dependent code is unavailable, cannot be easily controlled, or in instances where fault injection is difficult.

Automate Compliance of Safety-Critical Applications

Spend less time meeting industry specifications for robust code. Access industry-specific qualification kits for standards like ISO 26262, DO-178B/C, IEC 61508, and IEC 62304. TÜV certified for ISO 26262, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, and EN 50128.

Learn Quickly

Graphical and guided editors for test case creation make unit testing easier for less experienced team members. Test cases are easy to understand, and the source code generated from the graphical representation is easy to debug and audit.

Parasoft Unit Testing Tools

Parasoft’s range of unit testing tools helps teams efficiently conduct robust and comprehensive testing, meeting stringent coverage, quality, and compliance requirements.

Where Are Unit Testing Tools Used?

Since unit testing is an integral part of software development, practically every industry that develops and runs on code benefits from Parasoft’s automated unit testing tools. The tools are especially useful in industries with embedded development where hardware and software systems need to work in sync and comply with exacting functional safety standards.


The automotive industry’s functional safety standard ISO 26262 recommends the use of coding standards like MISRA and AUTOSAR. New technologies in the industry like autonomous driving and V2X communication place an increasingly growing demand on security, safety and delivery of high-quality software.

Civil Aviation

In civil aviation, companies rely on DO-178B/C (for commercial software-based aerospace systems) and DO-278 (for communication, navigation, surveillance, and air traffic management software-based systems). Capable unit testing helps compliance on all fronts.


As the scope and delivery of financial services increase, so does the complexity of the code that runs it all. Agile software development is key in the industry, as is unit testing that keeps pace with Agile's compressed release cycles.


Software development for government institutions must comply with strict security mandates and facilitate smooth electronic data exchange while working with multiple vendors and RFP requests. As government systems modernize, Agile software development needs unit testing to continuously ensure robust code.

Healthcare & Insurance

Software in the healthcare industry might take on a variety of forms — from delivery of care to insurance processing. Industry professionals have to meet stringent specifications for safety where failure can literally mean a life-or-death situation. Unit testing tools from Parasoft help healthcare software professionals keep pace with innovation while conforming to safety and patient data security standards.


In an industry driven by personalized experiences, the competition to win over customers is fierce. Software runs almost every aspect of business from the guest experience to group bookings and reservations. Cutting-edge and Agile software development depends on unit testing to get the job done right the first time.

Industrial Automation

Parasoft C/C++test helps industrial automation software development teams satisfy their software verification and validation needs defined in the IEC 61508 standard. Reported intelligent analytics significantly reduce the work required for software verification.

Medical Devices

Medical devices must function as designed at all times. Given their use in such a safety-critical industry, unit testing for related software helps ensure quality and compliance with functional safety standards. This is becoming an increasing imperative with the growth of Wi-Fi-enabled health monitoring devices and wearables.

Military & Defense

Unit testing tools from Parasoft help support the warfighter mission by delivering safe, secure and reliable code that drives the machines and devices needed. C/C++ and Java developers can identify risky code changes and use the unit testing tools to mitigate those risks.


Unit testing plays a critical role in the safety-critical rail industry. Parasoft C/C++test’s unit testing features, which include a powerful stubbing and C mocking framework, make testing easy to automate and improve developer productivity.

Retail & e-Commerce

On the frontend, customers demand a shopping experience that wows. On the backend, the industry must keep pace with changing tastes and inventory and staffing challenges. Related software demands unit testing to keep all retail systems going.


The telecom industry anchors its processes on Agile software development. The microservices it uses must work seamlessly with legacy mainframe systems. Unit testing tools ensure robustness of code across every interface. Change is a constant in telecom. Our automated unit testing tools help the industry embrace change.

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