Code Coverage Analysis

Code coverage- unit, integration, and system test coverage

  • Integrate coverage tracking from unit-level through application-level tests
  • Measure multiple metrics, including line, statement, block, path, decision (branch), simple condition, and MC/DC coverage
  • Generate and optimize test cases to increase coverage
  • Document coverage for FDA and safety-critical with robust reporting
  • Integrated with unit testing, static analysis, code review and more

Multi-Metric Test Coverage Analysis

A multi-metric test coverage analyzer—including line, statement, block, decision/branch, path, and MC/DC, and condition coverage—reports coverage metrics as well as graphically displays tested vs. untested code via annotated source code. Back tracing from coverage elements to the corresponding test cases enables users to analyze test results and extend the test cases for better coverage, with higher efficiency.

Parasoft tracks coverage at the unit, integration, and system (manual/scripted) test levels, and can deliver integrated reporting for all tested levels.

Integrated Multi-Level Coverage

Parasoft Test can track coverage at all levels of test—and deliver integrated reporting for all tested levels. Integrated coverage can include:
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Plugin testing
  • Server-side testing
  • Automated end-to-end functional tests
  • Scripted tests
  • Manual user acceptance tests
  • Testing on the host, similar, or embedded target

Reporting for Compliance and Auditability

Robust and easily configurable reporting capabilities help you document that applications comply with test coverage requirements mandated for regulatory compliance (FDA, DO-178B/C, safety-critical, etc.).

Along with a clear report of each test’s pass/fail status, we can report:

  • Coverage percentages by file, class, function/method
  • Annotated source code
  • Coverage for individual test cases
  • Files with coverage below a specified threshold

Automated Test Generation and Optimization to Boost Coverage

Parasoft can automatically analyze code then generate a unit-level test suite that achieves high coverage.

Moreover, Parasoft Test provides a variety of technologies to help you increase the test coverage. For example:

  • Easy extension of the generated test cases
  • An object repository and flexible stubs framework to make tests more realistic
  • Data-driven testing with different sets of data (automatically-generated or from a data source)

Beyond Coverage Analysis

Coverage analysis is a critical component of a comprehensive quality process . . . but it is just one component. The most effective quality processes involve a combination of test and analysis practices embedded throughout the SDLC.

That’s why Parasoft coverage analysis is fully integrated with a broad range of complementary capabilities, including peer review, unit testing, end-to-end functional and load testing, and service virtualization.

For organizations ready to take the next step towards ensuring that quality software is produced consistently and efficiently, Parasoft Development Testing Platform integrates policy-driven project management with Parasoft Test’s Automated Defect Prevention and end-to-end QA testing. This ensures predictable project outcomes while driving unprecedented levels of productivity and application quality.