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Static Code Analysis

Static Code Analysis Tools Deliver
High-Quality, Compliant Code. Faster.

Innovators in Static Code Analysis

Innovative static code analysis tools drive continuous quality that’s needed in all enterprise and embedded software development. It automates compliance with a range of coding and security standards and delivers high-quality, safe, and secure software that keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

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Improve Software Quality With Static Code Analysis

Reduce the Costs of Defects

Prevent code defects earlier in the development process before they cascade into more expensive challenges down the line.

Reduce Administrative Efforts

Parasoft’s compliance reporting automates the documentation requirements mandated by safety, security, and coding standards such as MISRA, AUTOSAR, CERT, and more.

Accelerate Software Development

Gain an edge over your competitors. Parasoft’s static analysis integrates easily into your streamlined CI/CD pipeline with continuous testing that delivers high-quality software — quickly.

Fulfill Compliance Requirements

Weave compliance with security standards into testing processes. Ensure your code is robust and meets stringent security standards.

Improve Code Quality

Flag duplicate and difficult-to-read code so your software is easier to manage and port.

Test Smarter

Parasoft incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve your team's static analysis workflow — flagging and prioritizing the violations that need to be fixed first.

Parasoft Static Code Analysis Tools

Deploy Parasoft’s suite of products to conduct static analysis of code no matter which development environment you work in. In addition to the languages below, Parasoft supports Android, Apex, Go, Groovy, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C, Php, Python, Ruby, Swift, Scala, TypeScript.

Where Is Static Code Analysis Used?

Static code analyzers meet the complex demands of today’s Agile software development environments: speed on the one hand and safety and security compliance on the other. As a result, static code analysis tools are a good fit for a variety of industries to test software earlier in the cycle, especially where the only constant is change.


The automotive industry’s functional safety standard ISO 26262 recommends the use of coding standards like MISRA and AUTOSAR. New technologies in the industry like autonomous driving and V2X communication place an increasingly growing demand on security, safety and delivery of high-quality software.


Finance companies are under increasing pressure to comply with PCI DSS standards while delivering superior and personalized customer service through multiple channels. This imperative requires Agile software development at scale. Parasoft’s static code analysis tools ensure high-quality and secure code under such a high-stakes development environment.

Civil Aviation

Safety and security is top priority when it comes to avionics software. DO-178C is one of the strictest standards mandating the use of static analysis. Most choose MISRA C 2012, JSF AV C++, and CERT to help ensure the safety and security required.

Industrial Automation

Functional safety standards like IEC 61508 and its derivatives are critical for industrial automation organizations. The standard also recommends performing static analysis, which most software development teams choose MISRA, CERT, or other safety and security coding standards.


Software development for government institutions must comply with strict security mandates and facilitate smooth electronic data exchange while working with multiple vendors and RFP requests. Static analysis tools ensure code meets all compliance requirements and supports modern Agile environments.

Healthcare & Insurance

New formats of healthcare delivery including telehealth, patient messaging portals, and the rise of personalized medicine mean data drives the healthcare and insurance industries. Parasoft’s static code analysis tools ensure compliance with stringent healthcare security protocols while also delivering on quality.

Medical Devices

In life-or-death critical applications such as medical devices, software must meet functional safety and security standards and perform as designed. The evolving nature of medical devices with the incorporation of Internet of things (IoT) and wearables is bringing renewed attention on software security.

Military & Defense

Software powers the warfighter mission so the industry needs software that is safe, secure and high quality and that can be delivered on time and budget. Our automated static analysis security tools deliver on all fronts.


The safety-critical rail industry is accelerating toward digitization in both its freight and passenger-facing verticals. Static code analysis helps deliver high-quality, safe, and secure code that meets the industry's exacting requirements.


As the telecom industry makes room for technologies such as 5G and the Internet of things (IoT), it is constantly adapting to meet the demands of the future, both in terms of security and innovation. Static code analysis tools accommodate these shifting parameters to deliver software that’s compliant and on target.