Structural Code Coverage

Assess and Ensure Confidence
in Your Test Coverage

Satisfying Your Code Coverage Requirements

Get critical feedback about the completeness and thoroughness of your testing process. Parasoft’s solution for code coverage shows you the code in your application that has and has not been tested. Users can perform code coverage for a function or unit, the entire file, or the entire application. And you can aggregate the coverage from unit testing and system testing.

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Ensure Software Reliability With Structural Code Coverage

Reduce the Costs of Defects

Code defects found in production are the most expensive. Prevent them from slipping through the cracks by highlighting code that has not been tested before you release your application.

Satisfy Code Coverage Compliance Needs

Meet functional safety standards like DO-178B/C, ISO 26262, IEC 62304, IEC 61508, and EN 50128. The included code coverage requirements help ensure code reliability by exposing untested code to flush out additional defects.

Fulfill Code Coverage on Host or Target Hardware

Thorough testing of embedded applications requires testing on target hardware and in the host environment. Parasoft provides code instrumentation for both to capture and report structural code coverage for statement, branch, modified condition decision coverage (MC/DC), and more.

Perform Assembly/Object Code Verification

For the absolute most stringent safety-critical code coverage requirements, such as DO-178C Level A, Parasoft offers code coverage at the assembly level. Save days — even weeks — of labor-intensive, error-prone manual effort with our automated solution.

Attain 100% Code Coverage

Although you can achieve 100% structural code coverage goals through just unit testing, save time and effort by aggregating your code coverage results automatically obtained from system testing. And then complete the remaining uncovered code using unit testing.

Am I Done Testing?

Leveraging a combination of testing technologies, like static analysis, runtime analysis, unit testing, performance testing is the best way to ensure that bugs and design flaws are flushed out early, but it’s practically impossible to fully test a program. Code coverage can help measure test completeness and guarantees that you have inspected every single line of code in your application through execution.

Parasoft Structural Code Coverage Tools

Deploy Parasoft’s suite of products to conduct structural code coverage of applications written in C, C++, Java, C#, and VB.NET.

Where Are Code Coverage Tools Used?

Software testing is an integral part of software development. Practically every industry that develops and executes code benefits from Parasoft’s structural code coverage testing tools. These tools are especially useful in industries for embedded development of safety-critical applications where software systems cannot fail — or lives will be lost. They must comply with exacting functional safety standards and achieve certification.


Software in the automotive industry must comply with functional safety standards like ISO 26262. New technologies in the industry like autonomous driving and V2X communication place an increasingly growing demand on software. This high-quality software must be thoroughly tested for safety, security, and reliability.

Military & Defense

Structural code coverage tools from Parasoft help support the warfighter mission by delivering secure and quality code that drives the machines and devices needed. Developers can identify untested code and add new test cases or make changes to existing test cases to flush out defects and mitigate risks.

Medical Devices

Medical devices must function as designed at all times. Given their use in such a safety-critical industry, code coverage testing for related software helps ensure safety, security, reliability, and compliance with functional safety standards. This is becoming an increasing imperative with the growth of Wi-Fi-enabled health monitoring devices and wearables.

Civil Aviation

In civil aviation, companies rely on DO-178C (for commercial software-based aerospace systems) and DO-278 (for communication, navigation, surveillance, and air traffic management software-based systems). Structural code coverage at the various levels of abstraction (statement, branch, MC/DC and assembly) helps satisfy compliance on all fronts.

Industrial Automation

Parasoft code coverage tools help industrial automation software development teams satisfy the software development and verification process requirements defined by the IEC 61508 standard. The aggregation of various software testing code coverage results from unit testing and system testing can significantly reduce the work required to achieve compliance.


Obtaining 100% or an acceptable high level of code coverage plays a critical role in the safety-critical rail industry. Parasoft automated tools improve developer productivity and software quality through code instrumentation and reporting.


As the scope and delivery of financial services increase, so does the complexity of the code that runs it all. Making sure that all your software has been tested is key in the industry. Especially in today’s fast-paced, Agile-compressed release cycle.


Software development for government institutions must comply with strict security mandates and facilitate smooth electronic data exchange while working with multiple vendors and RFP requests. As government systems modernize, Agile software development needs metrics on code coverage testing to continuously ensure robust code.

Healthcare & Insurance

Software in the healthcare industry must meet stringent specifications for safety where failure can literally mean a life-or-death situation. Parasoft code coverage tools make sure that new innovations or capabilities that span from delivery of care to insurance processing are tested, provide safety to the patient, and ensure their data remains secure.


In an industry driven by personalized experiences, cutting-edge and Agile software development depends on code coverage to make sure that every line of code has been tested. The competition to win over customers is fierce, so your software must run flawlessly.

Retail & e-Commerce

Backend retail and e-Commerce applications must keep pace with inventory, changes in style and staffing challenges. The software that runs these applications demands code coverage to make sure it’s been tested thoroughly and can keep all retail systems going.


The telecom industry is constantly changing. With the deployment of 5G networks, the microservices must work seamlessly with legacy mainframe systems. Code coverage testing ensures reliability and robustness of the code in this very complex environment.

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