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Complement Microsoft tooling with deep static analysis, security, and coverage for .NET

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.NET Development Testing

Parasoft dotTEST is an automated, non-invasive solution that complements your existing Visual Studio tools with deep static analysis and advanced coverage. It scans your application codebase to identify issues before they become production problems, integrating into the Parasoft portfolio to help you achieve compliance in safety-critical industries.

When you send the results of dotTEST's static analysis, coverage, and test traceability into Parasoft's centralized reporting dashboard for advanced analytics, you can test your entire codebase to mitigate risks.

Parasoft dotTEST


Static Analysis

Static analysis for developing high quality .NET applications

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Static Analysis

Coverage & Traceability

Coverage analysis and requirements traceability for .NET applications

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Coverage Traceability

Use Parasoft dotTEST to Address Modern Software Development Challenges

What's new in Parasoft dotTEST 10.4.1?

A new Security Compliance Pack with complete support for the OWASP Top 10 and most comprehensive CWE support for .NET developers

Technical Specs

See how Parasoft dotTEST snaps into your development environment.

How to Purchase

Annual subscription pricing is standard with Parasoft dotTEST. Please contact us for more information about licensing options.

Deployment Options

Parasoft dotTEST can be deployed in different ways to serve your needs:

  • Desktop/IDE
  • Build/CI Integration
Build a comprehensive testing strategy for your .NET application

Build a comprehensive testing strategy for your .NET application

Learn how to save time and money by automating key aspects of software testing and improve test planning and management.


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Technology Integrations

Parasoft integrates with a wide variety of software, tools, and frameworks, so you can easily adopt and scale within your existing development environment.